About the English Language Institute

The safe, friendly atmosphere in Mount Pleasant, Michigan and the modern facilities and excellent instruction at Central Michigan University make the English Language Institute your best choice. CMU is located in the middle of the state of Michigan.

We have a reputation for being a friendly university. Our faculty and staff really care about our students and help make sure you receive the guidance and assistance that you need to be successful at Central Michigan University.


Mount Pleasant is the home of Central Michigan University. It is located near the center of Michigan's Lower Peninsula. Mount Pleasant has friendly people and a low cost of living. The city's quaint downtown district features specialty stores, boutiques, and shops that serve gourmet coffee, cheesecake, and frozen yogurt. These shops are within walking distance of campus.

To the north and west are the lakes, streams, ski resorts, beaches and magnificent wilderness areas for which Michigan is famous. To the south and east lie rich farmland and larger metropolitan areas with numerous museums, theaters, art fairs and shopping opportunities.

Like many American cities, Mount Pleasant hosts various festivals, parades, fairs and other special local events throughout the year, especially during the summer and fall seasons. During these events, local merchants, businesses, and artists fill the streets with their merchandise and offer them at discount prices.

Although Mount Pleasant is a relatively small city, there are many restaurants to suit every taste. In addition to typical American restaurants, cafés, and grills, Mount Pleasant has Italian, Chinese, Middle Eastern, Korean, Japanese, Indian, and Mexican restaurants. In Mount Pleasant, there is also an American steakhouse and microbrewery. An Asian market is located just over an hour's drive away in East Lansing; international students here on campus coordinate trips to this market frequently. A halal meat market is located 45 minutes away; international students coordinate trips to this market also. Our grocery stores have a variety of foods, including fresh fish and produce; food prices in both stores and restaurants are very reasonable.

While this community is fond of its classic appeal, it also is proud of its many modern facilities. New governmental buildings, numerous churches, a modern hospital, a large community library, developed parks and convenient shopping plazas blend comfortably with Mount Pleasant's heritage. Both the community and the university have rich histories -- histories that have been enmeshed for the past century.