Cadet Clubs

Join a variety of Cadet Clubs hosted by Central Michigan University's Army ROTC. These clubs are all headed by the cadets themselves, with cadre oversight. These clubs will offer you skills training that you might not receive otherwise. They'll also give you recognition and unrivaled confidence during regular battalion operations. Additionally, participating in these clubs will give you extra points in your accessions packets when they are submitted for ranking on the national Order of Merit List.

If we have enough interest, we will also host intramural sports teams to participate in friendly competition with other student groups and registered student organizations on campus. In previous years we've fielded teams in softball, floor hockey and flag football.

Cannon Club

The Cannon Club is one of the Chippewa Battalion’s most recognizable clubs. Presenting their Pack 75 Howitzer, proudly named "Genny's Own," the Cannon Club is featured at all CMU football games, firing every time the Chips score. The experience extends beyond that, however. Cadets of the Cannon Club learn to maintain, load and fire the Howitzer, as well as learning basics about Field Artillery. 

Cannon Club members participate in many events such as the annual United Way Kickoff, Mainstage, and the Central Michigan University Homecoming Parade, where they lead the parade from the front. Furthermore, the Cadets often launch t-shirts into the crowds with their t-shirt launcher, pass out treats and display the pride they have for CMU, ROTC and the United States Army. Sometimes the Cadets even offer students and visitors the rare opportunity to fire "Genny's Own." They are also known for their participation in the Central Michigan Veteran's Day Parade. During the Veteran's Day celebration, the cannon fired a 21 round salute to our nation's veterans.

Ferris State University, our partner school, also hosts a Cannon Club utilizing the Pack 75 Howitzer "Brewer's Pride" which was donated by Sergeant First Class (retired) Michael Brewer in 1996.

Queen's Guard

The CMU Queens Guard supports all ROTC and community events in need of a highly disciplined and honorable force for various ceremonies. These include the raising and lowering of the American Flag at home football games, conducting a saber ceremony for the homecoming football game, leading parades, and teaching flag etiquette and how to fold the American Flag to CMU classes. The Queens Guard also presents the colors at various events including assemblies for Veterans Day and our annual Military Ball.  All cadets in the club are experts in drilling with rifles and marching with the colors all while being in sync with one another. The CMU Queens Guard are a select few who represent the Chippewa Battalion with the utmost respect and pride, and set a standard of excellence for the rest of the battalion to follow. ​

Marksmanship Club

​The Marksmanship Club focuses on developing precision marksmanship of the cadets in the Chippewa Battalion. The cadre responsible for this club includes a nationally competitive marksman and a military trained sniper. Cadets receive focused training on .22 caliber competition-grade rifles, the M-16 rifle and the M-9 handgun, as well as various other weapons employed by the United States Army.

The club utilizes our one-of-a-kind indoor rifle range, donated by Brigadier General (retired) John Kulhavi, on a weekly basis. They also take advantage of ranges in our local community and Army National Guard Posts to fire larger weapons and even provide familiarization with weapons like the M-249 Squad Automatic Weapon.

Ranger Challenge

By Cadet Andrew Szczechowski
ROTC Ranger Challenge, 24-27 October 2019
Fort Knox, KY

Ranger Challenge was such an amazing learning experience for me; especially only being an MS 1.

My peers were able to teach me tips and tricks regarding rucking, land navigation, eating MRE's and being out in the field during training.  The family that was built during Ranger Challenge will be one that I always look forward to seeing.  Ranger Challenge was a special place to learn about so many different things.  Not only did my military knowledge increase, but my physical capabilities became much more dominant.  Even though Ranger Challenge is very difficult, I would be more than willing to go again.