Military Science Minor Open to all Students

The Military Science Department is proud to offer all CMU students an obligation free academic minor in Military Science and Leadership. Our curriculum is fun, challenging, exciting and relevant. Classroom instruction moves quickly from lecture to group discussions, practical exercises, and hands-on experiences that support learning.

All classes include student-led Leadership Labs which are hands-on and include exciting training such as: rappelling, rock-climbing, High-Ropes Confidence Courses, marksmanship, water survival, orienteering, map reading, first aid, weapons, drill, squad tactics, patrolling, and team-building exercises.

Unlike other leadership development programs, our department’s upper level courses (300 and higher) include a Leadership Assessment and Development Practicum where students apply the leadership lessons they learned in the classroom to real life, by filling leadership positions within the Corps of Cadets, instructing classes, motivating their teams through dynamic problem solving adventures, and taking a vested ownership of the Chippewa Battalion. Inside our program’s framework that closely resembles that of the military and a majority of international business organizations we provide real life leadership experience that will bolster students’ confidence and build their résumé.

To provide the well rounded leader that today’s world is seeking, the Military Science Minor supplements its leader training with elective studies in cultures, politics, geography, constitutional history & law, public & international relations, foreign policy, and religion.

Military Science Minor