Thesis and Dissertation Archives in Experimental Psychology

Thesis archives

Peters, Rebecca, (June 2021).  Early Inflammation in Alzheimer's Disease Using the 5XFAD Model

*Willman, Laura, (September 2020).  Examining Aggression with a Multidimensional Measure of Gender/Sex

Knudsen, Breanna, (February 2020).  Susceptibility of Novelty-Seekers to Linguistic Manipulations in Advertisements:  Evidence from Eye Movements

Catlin, Mary, (January 2020).  The Stifled Voice:  An Experimental Look into Recantation

Hamaker, Monica, (November 2019). Preventing the Formation of Negative Emotional Memories Using Proactive Interference

Kolek, Stan, (October 2019).  Effects of an Immersive Computer-Based Multi-Tasking Training Program on Simulated Driving and Hazard-Anticipation Skill in Novice Drivers:  A Computer-Based Training Validation Study

Anderson, Kevin, (November 2018). Luminopsin-Medicated Stimulation of Transplanted Dopaminergic Cells in Unilateral 6-OHDA Lesion Model of Parkinson's Disease

*Davis, Brian, (October 2017).  Effects of White Noise on Attention in College Students with ADHD

Becker, James, (January 2017). The role of signals in two and three link tandem and chain schedules of reinforcement with equal inter-reinforcer-interval

Hensley, Cody, (May 2016). Reducing the impact of negative memories by retroactive interference​

Senkova, Olesya, (March 2016). Testing Effect: Is there a difference between open-book and closed-book test?​

French, Eric, (October 2015).  The Role of Inter-Trial Interval Duration and Response Reinforcer Delay on Reinforcer Accumulation​​

Agauas, Stephen, (July 2015). The Role of Aptness in Metaphor Processing: An Eye Movement Study​​

Brooks, Michael, (February 2015). Stimulus Control in Three-Ply Multiple Schedules: A Failure to Replicate the Stimulus Compounding Effect and a Novel Finding Control by Inter-Reinforcer Interval

Knoll, Abby, (January 2015). Learning style and metacognition

Lenneman, Joseph, (December 2014). The Effects of Auditory Signal Reliability Level and Spatial Location on Simulated Driving Performance

Hill, Sean, (December 2014). The Academic Effects of an Elementary Chinese Immersion Program​​

Wang, Jiebing, (October 2014). Establishing Measure​ment Invariance of the MMPI-2 Restructured Clinical Scale 4 (Antisocial Behavior) Using American and Korean Clinical Samples

Palmer, Michael, (October 2014). A comparison of accurate and inaccurate performance feedback on college students doing data entry tasks

Hawkins, Ian, (August 2014). The effect of experience-taking and exposure to reality television on narcissism​​

*Bos, Alexander, (August 2014). The effects of dual-task simulated driving and working memory task on cardiac autonomic control through time

*Smith, Dustin, ( June 2014). Using the psychological refractory period to analyze dual-task driving interference

Welchko, Ryan, (January 2014). In vitro differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells into dopaminergic neurons via adenoviral mediated transfection of transcription factors

*Madison, Andrew, (November 2013). Metacognition and working memory: Expanding on the current limitations of Metamemory and its relationship to executive functioning

McDonald, Amanda, (June 2013). Destructive criticism, shame, and work performance

Andrews, Melissa, (June 2013). Investigating the contribution of a work requirement in schedule-induced polydipsia

Krzyzanowski, Brittany, (February 2013). Antiparkinsonran and levodopa potentiation effects of Idazoxan in the 6-hydroxydopamine rat model of Parkinson's disease

Matyas, Jessica, (February 2013). The effects of mesenchymal stem cells on disc structure in a rat caudal model of intervertebral disc degeneration

Franks, Andrew, (September 2012). “That's disgusting! It's over!” Moral, behavioral, and emotional reactions to same-sex and opposite-sex sexual infidelity vary by political orientation but are not affected by mortality salience

Scharphorn, Joseph, (September 2012). The new paradigm for testing interviewing innovations: Eliciting confidential disclosures through possible selves interviews

*Lueke, Adam, (September 2012). The ego depletion pathway: Trying to determine the method of self control exhaustion and replenishment

Whitaker, Mitchell, (September 2012). Gender differences in conformity: An evolutionary perspective

Harke, Maureen, (September 2012). Effects of stereotype threats on revised mental rotation test scores

Lehmann, Shawn, (June 2012). Guilty in 140 characters? An Examination of Twitter as a source of negative pretrial publicity

Lytle, Jhordy, (March 2012). Effects of environmental enrichment and housing conditions on the behavior of laboratory rats

Dykhouse, Amy, (January 2012). Examining sensitivity of Korean MMPI-2-RF validity scales to over-reporting and under-reporting of symptoms

Dissertation archives

*Anderson, Kevin, (July 2021).  Persistence of Motor Recovery from One-Time Optogenetic Stimulation of Transplanted Cells in Unilateral 6-OHDA Rats

*Aday, Jacob, (July 2021).  Delineating The Association Between Psychedelic Drug Use and Facets of Gratitute, Aesthetic Experience, and Relationships with Nature

*Shlanta, Peter, (June 2021).  Influence of Covert Visual Attention on Saccade Programming

Kissell, Brian, (June 2020).  The Construction, Validation, and Exploration of the Perceived Threat to Identity Scale

Story, Darren, (May 2020).  Long-Term and Short-Term Treatment with a Combined Tart Cherry and Fatty Acid Supplement Amellorates Behavioral and Neuropathological Deficits in the 5xFAD Mouse Model of Alzheimer's Disease

Hensley, Cody, (May 2020).  Retroactive Interference of Implicit Memory for Negative Emotional Stimuli

Knoll, Abby, (November 2019). Olfactory Metacognition in Parkinson's Disease.  

Normile, Christopher, (July 2019).  Just as I Expected?  Experimentally Testing the Influence of Expectancies on Behavior and Perceptions Related to Interregations 

Senkova, Olesya, (July 2019).  Does Making Judgments of Learning Influence Memory?

Madison, Andrew, (April 2019). In the Zone: Intra and Inter-Individual Differences

Palmer, Michael, (September 2017). The Presence of Experimenters and Other Participants on Performance During Human Laboratory Experiments

Thompson, Jody, (May 2017). Mind over redbull: Can state-mindfulness reduce the red bull effect

Kuhn, Robin, (January 2017). Observing of delay-of-reinforcement signals in rats

Harke, Maureen, (September 2016). An Evaluation of Central Michigan University's McNair Scholars Program: Effects of Intervention on Skills Acquisition and Self-efficacy

Tuttle, Stephanie, (October 2015).  Hemispheric Processing of Online Advertisements:  An Examination of Individual Differences​​

Hou, Beini, (October 2015). The road to redemption: effect of counter-conditioning on people's initial negative attitude toward celebrity with tarnished reputation​

Matyas, Jessica, (July 2015). Effects of bone marrow-derived MSC transplantation on functional recovery in a rat model of spinal cord injury: Comparisons​​ of transplant locations and cell concentrations

Franks, Andrew, (February 2015). The United States of Atheism: An examination of factors that increase political acceptance of A​theists and secular policy

L​ueke, Adam, (August 2014). Mindfulness reduces behavioral prejudice and negative explicit attitudes

Dykhouse, Amy, (March 2014). Examining convergent, discriminant, and incremental utility fo the Korean MMPI-2 restructured clinical (RC) scales in Korean psychiatric and normative couple samples

Smethells, John, (May 2013). An investigation of the age-dependent effects of chronic alcohol consumption on impulsivity and risk-taking in rats

Hand, Dennis, (September 2012). An investigation of the effects of Pavlovian conditioning on response-reinforcer delay signal functions in response acquisition and maintenance with delayed reinforcement

Migita, Mai, (June 2012). Emotion regulation and Emotionally Enhanced Memory (EEM)

Boyll, Daniel, (October 2011). Static Facial Appearance and thin slices of behavior as potential greenbeards for trustworthiness

Oliver, Michele, (May 2011). Behavioral and cardiovascular responses to decision-making and frustration during an Iowa gambling task and simulated driving in young adults with and without ADHD

Fox, Andrew, (May 2011). The effect of response-contingent food-paired stimuli in response acquisition with delayed reinforcement

Zimmerman, Ian, (May 2011). Automatic attitude, ego depletion & impulsivity: Buying on autopilot

Fitzgerald(Cox), Carey, (March 2011). Trust and reciprocity as influenced by group identity

**Eagle, Andrew, (June 2010). Partial bilateral dopaminergic denervation to dorsal striatum and levodopa effects on simple operant  discrimination learning in Parkinsonian rats

**Ketterer, Holly, (May 2010). Examining the measurement invariance of the MMPI-2 Restructured Clinical (RC) Scales across Korean and American normative samples 

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**Available in print only, please contact the Psychology department, Sloan 139