Thesis and Dissertation Archives for School Doctoral

Thesis archives

Sykes, Sarah, (March 2021).  Medical Experiences & Subsequent Behaviors in Children and Adolescents with CHARGE Syndrome

Rigney, Alexander, (January 2021).  Mindfulness-Based Interventions in the Schools:  A Meta-Analysis

Brown, Allison, (May 2020).  A Comparison of Single-Case Effect Size Measures in Determining The Effectiveness of Check-In Check-Out:  A Re-Analysis

Muhn, Shelby, (November 2019). Effectiveness of a Modified Version of Tai Chi - Fun Chi - for On-Task Behavior

Brown, Shanti, (July 2019). Anxiety in Individuals with CHARGE Syndrome

Traudt, Stephanie, (May 2019). Teacher and Student Reports of Internalizing and Externalizing Problem Behaviors in School-Based Mental Health Screenings

Slavin, Lily, (September 2018). The Development of an Educational Checklist for Individuals with CHARGE Syndrome

Brenner, Sarah, (July 2018). The Measurement of Sluggish Cognitive Tempo in Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children

Brushaber-Drockton, Jacob, (May 2018). Coaching High School Athletes with ADHD: Impact of a training course on high school coaches' knowledge and beliefs of ADHD

Grech, Julie, (May 2018). Using the Mattering Index with Young Adolescents: Testing Concurrent Validity and Test-Retest Reliability

Fursa, Sophie, (December 2016). A comparison of prompting methods to teach sight words to students with autism​

Kaufman, Bree, (August 2016). Kimochis®: The Effects of a Social and Emotional Learning Program on Early Childhood Outcomes​

Fodrocy, Samantha, (May 2016). Functional Behavior Assessment: Current State of Research in the Schools​​

Wojewoda, Elise, (February 2015). The Effects of a Self-Monitoring Intervention and Teacher Feedback on the On-Task Behavior and Academic Performance of Middle School Students​​

Kennert, Benjamin, (June 2014). Evaluation of the implementation of a middle and high school-based suicide prevention program

Jervinsky, Megan, (May 2014). Development of a Teacher-rated quality of life instrument

Tennant, Katherine, (April 2014). Preventing reading failure: Teaching phonological awareness to preschoolers​​

Barrett-Taipalus, Abbie, (April 2014). The ef​fects of dynamic seating on children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Grays, Sharnita, (December 2013). The impact of anxiety and initial fluency level on the effectiveness of explicit timing

Melissa Swartzmiller (December 2013). The effects of mathematics anxiety on interspersal and explicit timing with elementary students

Seraphim Mork (Novem​ber 2013). The Bayley III: A concurrent validity study for children 24-through-42 months-old

Maria Ramirez (October 2013). The Adaptation and Assessment of Social Validity of a Form or Tai Chi Video for Children with CHARGE Syndrome

Heidi Fisher (May 2013). Addition of a sounding-out step to cover-copy-compare for spelling

Meghan Caswell-Pohl (April 2013). Evaluation of the impact of Camp Midicha attendance on campers' diabetes knowledge, diabetes, distress, and quality of life

Jessica Sevecke (July 2012). Social and educational variables that influence attitudes about same-sex, consensual sex between adults

Megan Kleinheksel-Hassevoort (February 2012). Factors related to school Psychologists' breaches of confidentiality

Andrew Cook (November 2011). White noise as a classroom intervention for children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD)

Alyssa Warshay (October 2011). Explicit timing and interspersal interventions of multiplication fluency of upper elementary school students

Jennifer Felber (October 2011). Controlling for variability in oral reading fluency

Paula Louchart (February 2011). Measuring the effect size of Toolbox for literacy

**Rachel Knight (October 2010). Circadian Rhythm Management to treat nighttime wakings in young children

**Kasee Stratton (August 2010). Identifying pain in CHARGE Syndrome


Dissertation archives

Slavin, Lily, (April 2021).  The Validation of an Educational Checklist for Individuals with CHARGE Syndrome.

Kaufman, Bree, (February 2021).  Profiles in Ability of CHARGE Syndrome

Rames-Lapointe, Jessica, (June 2020).  On-Task in a Box as a Classwide Intervention:  Effects on On-Task Behavior and Academic Productivity

Brushaber-Drockton, Jacob, (December 2019). Absence of Autonomy: Rural School Administrators' Perceptions on Zero-Tolerance Policies

Brenner, Sarah, (June 2019). Exercise as an Intervention to Increase Academic Engaged Time for Individuals with Attention Problems

Taipalus, Abbie, (May 2019). The Effects of an Online Direct Behavior Rating (DBR) Training Module on Rater Accuracy

Ramirez, Maria, (August 2018). The Effects of a Fun Chi Video on Sleep and Emotion Self Regulation in Children with CHARGE Syndrome

Kennert, Benjamin, (April 2018). Investigation of two methods for treating sleep problems among children with CHARGE syndrome

Jervinsky, Megan, (May 2017). Evaluating the Psychometric Properties of the SRSS as Implemented in Three Midwest Elementary Schools

Wojewoda, Elise, (April 2017). Teach Group Learning Skills to Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Mork, Seraphim, (June 2016).  A Cognitive Assessment for Preschool Children: The Cognitive Ability Scale-Ghanaian Version

Fisher, Heidi, (October 2015).  The Use of the Errorless Compliance Training Intervention with Students with Severe Disabilities

Bruni, Teryn, (July 2015). The Assessment of Basic Learning Abilities: Predicting the Acquisition of Echoic Behavior, Phonological Awareness, and Rate of Learning Among Children with Autism

Grays, Sharnita, (June 2015). Extended Exposure to Explicit Timing and its Impact on Math Performance of Students with and without Math Anxiety

Swartzmiller, Melissa, (June 2015). The Long Term Efficacy of the Interspersal Intervention for Students with and without Math Anxiety​​

Cook, Andrew, (June 2015). The Effect of White Noise on Off-Task Behavior and Academic Achievement for Students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)​​

Sevecke, Jessica, (March 2015). The Effects of Computer Assisted Instruction on Solving Math Word Problems

Kleinheksel-Hassevoort, Megan, (February 2014). Teachers' and school psychologists' perceptions of school psychologists' services

Jennifer Felber (January 2014). A meta-analytic examination of the effects of ethnic identity on psychological well-being and academic outcomes among U.S. Latina/o Youth

Rachel Knight (April 2012). Using a behavioral treatment package for sleep problems in children with Autism

Sara Doty (April 2012). Advanced phonics and multisyllabic word fluency measures: A reliability and validity study

Kasee Stratton (November 2011). The Initial validation of a non-vocal, multidimensional pain assessment instrument for individuals with CHARGE syndrome

Christine Abbuhl (May 2011). School psychologists training, experiences, and knowledge relating to non-suicidal self-injury

Kristi Hainstock (May 2011). A survey of school administrator's acceptance of school wellness programs

Ashley Nicole Dailor (April 2011). Use of an online electronic mail community to examine systematic ethical-legal decision making in school psychologists

Daniel Drevon (March 2011). The effects of natural mentoring relationships during adolescence on young adult outcomes among at-risk youth

**Jennifer Reynolds (October 2010). The effects of computerized instruction and systematic presentation and review on math fact acquisition

**Jason Vladescu (June 2010). Cognitive functioning in children with autism: Circumventing common assessment problems

**Gokce Durmusoglu (June 2009). Item analysis and reliability of the cognitive abilities scale-second edition: Turkish version