Thesis Archives for School Specialist

*Croley, Kelsi (August 2021).  The Effect of Fidget Cubes on Academically Engaged and Off-Task Behavior Among Children with Attention Difficulties

DeRoo, Megan (May 2021).  Using Effectiveness and Efficiency Data with Brief Experimental Analysis of Reading Fluency:  A Demonstration and Extended Analysis

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Holton, Kara (June 2020).  Program for the Education andEnrichment of Relational Skills®Intervention for Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Replication and Extension UsingDirect Behavioral Observations

Aglan, Alia (May 2020).  The Relations Between Mindfulness, Social Emotional Learning, and Internalizing and Externalizing Problem Behaviors

Arndt, Lydia (May 2020).  Longitudinal Application of the What Works Clearinghouse Standards to Experiments Published in the Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis

Foley, Frances (June 2019). Peer Assisted Learning Reading Intervention with English Language Learners in an After-School Program

Hershock, Samantha (February 2019). An Evaluation of a Computerized Spelling Program for Teaching Weekly Spelling Words

Peters, Carolyn (February 2019). Impact of Joke-Telling Program on Social Engagement in Individuals with ASD

Chapman, Bailey (January 2019). A Replication and Extension of the Quiet Classroom Game in Middle School Classrooms

Drivas, Megan (November 2017). The Effect of a Sounding-Out step for Cover-Copy-Compare on Rate of Word Acquisition

Tobin, Amanda (November 2017). A Behavioral Intervention to Improve Sportsmanship in Community-Based Youth Sports

Malta, Rachel. (January 2017). Parental Decision Making in the Removal of Gastrostomy Tubes or Buttons​

Annese, Alexandria. (​January 2016).  Issues in measuring mathematics anxiety among elementary students

Hayes, Lauren (October 2015).  The Comparison of Personal and Impersonal Priming Techniques in the Reduction of Test Anxiety

Werth, Jessica (October 2015). School Personnel Contact With and Perceptions of Nonsuicidal Self-Injury Among​ a Low-Income Rural Adolescent Population

Dinnan, Kristi (June 2015), Impact of first step to success CLASS component on elementary school children with disruptive behaviors​​

Higgins, Robert (May 2015), Basic math addition facts and the use of a computer administered program to aid in acquisition and fluency​​​ 

Nacarato, Tasha, (February 2015), The Effectiveness of Handwriting Without Tears Without the Multisensory Component​​

Wilczewski, Stephen, February 2015), The Effect of Antecedent Exercise on the Classroom Behavior and Academic Performance of Students Identified as Having Attention Difficulties

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Hutchinson, Marisa, (September 2014). School psychologist's perspectives on the use of an integrated educational evaluation report template

Bellmore, Jessica, (July 2014). Comparison of two nonverbal measures of intelligence

*Warstler, Alison, (June 2014). The effects on direct instruction sentence combining on writers' writing​

Bartow, Cody, (March 2014). Minor's consent to confidential mental health services

Bancroft, Renee, (February 2014). Implementations of the social skills improvement system intervention guide: Effects on social skills, academic performance, and problem behaviors in the school setting

Amanda Lee (October 2013). The effects of Lyme Disease on children in school enhancing the knowledge base of school professionals

Karina Livingston-Koenig (August 2013). Reducing nighttime wakefulness in children with autism: A treatment package approach

David Bentley (June 2013). Academic Achievement outcomes for adolescent with depression undergoing a comprehensive group intervention for emotional resiliency

Laurie Johnson (June 2013). A comparison of incremental rehearsal and the Evidenced-Based Literacy Instruction (EBLI) method for improving sight word reading of first grade students

*Lauren Taraski (April 2013). The use of computers in the retention, automacity, and acquisition of basic addition math facts

Jessica Rames-LaPointe (October 2012). An evaluation of errorless compliance training in a general education classroom

Rachel Jones (September 2012). Preservice teacher attitudes toward sexual minority youth

Joshua Hook (February 2012). Progressive time delay as an errorless learning procedure to remediate "b" and "d" discrimination difficulty

Andrea Alexander (August 2011). Within-subject variability in DIBELS oral reading fluency data

Tameron Hough (February 2011). The impact of first draft writing instruction on the quality of narrative writing of 2nd grade students

**Carrie Fineis (January 2011). The effects of a physical activity program on BMI, on-task behavior and physical activity​


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**Available in print only, please contact the Psychology department, Sloan 139.​