Training for Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

About therapist training

Training for Parent-Child Interaction Therapy at the Center for Children, Families and Communities adheres to the PCIT International training requirements. These requirements were developed by a committee of expert clinicians, trainers, and researchers in order to maintain high standards of training and promote the effective dissemination of PCIT. Clinicians who successfully complete the training will be eligible to apply for PCIT certification.

Training for therapists includes

  • 2 hours of pre-training consultation with clinicians or agency administrators to facilitate the development of a sustainable PCIT program.​
  • 40-hour workshop with didactic, case review, and experiential components—focusing the active practice of skills with parents & children.
  • ​PCIT Protocol Manual (Eyberg & Funderburk, 2011).
  • ​A full year of biweekly clinical consultation.​
  • Manual of the Dyadic Parent-Child Interaction Coding System-IV (the primary assessment tool required in PCIT).
  • Review of 10 video-recorded therapy sessions.
  • ​​​Written and live feedback on therapists’ progress.​​

About the master trainer

Dr. Larissa N. Niec is a licensed clinical child psychologist and director of the Center for Children, Families and Communities at CMU. She has implemented PCIT for over 18 years and has trained doctoral students and community clinicians for over 16 years. Dr. Niec received training in interventions for maltreated children at the University of Oklahoma Health Science Center. She conducts research and publishes extensively on PCIT and PCIT training.

Dr. Niec is one of only 18 Master Trainers in the world who have been vetted and certified by PCIT International to disseminate PCIT nationally and internationally. She has conducted trainings throughout the Midwest, Canada, Australia, Italy, Germany​ and the Netherlands.