Professional Development for Business and IT Professionals

The business world is changing and adapting as technology impacts how we do our work quicker and more efficiently. We offer quality professional development courses and certificate programs to increase your marketability and to help you achieve your goals.

Certificate programs

You’ll prepare for a new career or advance within your current role with online career training certificate programs. From entrepreneurship and quality assurance to a digital marketing strategist, our online certificate programs for business will prepare you to grow or change your career. We’ve also got you covered across the IT function with computer programs, computer science and information technology. The length of the program varies from six to 18 months. 

Featured programs

IT Bootcamps

IT Bootcamps will prepare you for in-demand, high-paying jobs in the tech sector. Gain the skills and practical experience employers are looking for in an accelerated, 100% online format.

Course bundles and institutes

Digital management course bundles

Online | Length: 6 weeks  | SCECHs: Some / Specific individual courses 

We’ve taken the guesswork out of which courses to take first in a topic with course bundles. Popular technology topics include programming, website design and database management.

Public service institutes

Partner: Michigan Association of Municipal Clerks (MAMC), Michigan Municipal Treasurers Institute (MMTI), Michigan Public Service Institute (MPSI) |  Length: 3 years  | Tuition Rate: Graduate or Professional Development Rate

Training programs give municipal employees the chance to develop new skills and earn college credit. You may earn undergraduate or graduate credits from CMU by enrolling in an independent study class.