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Image of Julie Fortino Shurtliff

Julie Fortino Shurtliff
Director of CLASS Student Services
102 Anspach Hall
Phone: 989-774-2361
Email: forti1ja@cmich.edu
Book Appointments: https://julieshurtliff.youcanbook.me

Josh Adams
Joshua Adams
Academic Advisor
Anspach 114B
Phone: 989-774-1121
Email: adams1jd@cmich.edu
Book Appointments: https://joshadams.youcanbook.me/

Josh Adams is a former fixed-term faculty member in CLASS’s English Language Institute. He has lived and studied in South Korea and he is published in the field of North Korean English Education. Josh loves D&D, Korean BBQ, and helping students find their path towards graduation.

Darcy BeavanDarcy Beavan
Academic Advisor
Anspach Hall 127
P: 989-774-7270
Book an Appointment: https://dbeavan.youcanbook.me/

All people are on a path to learning; working with those who are intentional about it is one of my greatest privileges. I've worked with students in Admissions, Adult Education and as a Success Coach here at Central Michigan University. The simple fact that someone is a "student," opens the door to meet them where they are, explore where they want to go and walk alongside them as they craft their unique way.

Izzy Castellon
Izzy Castellon, MPA
Academic Advisor for Global Campus Students
Anspach 129
Phone: 989-774-2036
Email: caste1im@cmich.edu
Book Appointments: https://ismael_castellon-advising.youcanbook.me/

Izzy has 10+ years’ experience working at CMU as an advisor to global students. He earned a BS and MPA at CMU. Being a first-generation college student and having worked full-time while pursuing both degrees, he understands the importance of balance between family, work and school. He looks forward to connecting with students on a holistic level!

Betty ChelliBetty Chelli
Academic Advisor
Anspach 128
Phone: 989-774-2110

I started out at CMU this past December as a Success Coach. I am a first generation American and college student originally from NJ where I worked as a first-year advisor in a community college. I also worked in the UP overseeing a success/coaching program. I am excited to be in CLASS especially since I have degrees in psychology and sociology and often use this to connect with students.

Image of Liz Daum

Liz Daum
Academic Advisor
115A Anspach Hall
Email: turke1er@cmich.edu
Book Appointments: https://lizdaum.youcanbook.me

Liz completed her Bachelor of Social Work degree from CMU and is currently working on a Master of Arts in Higher Education Administration. She brings experience as a Success Coach, helping students dream of their possibilities while co-creating action plans to work toward their goals. She is a fierce advocate for students and is excited to continue supporting students’ journeys toward a degree.

Alfred Harper
Alfred L. Harper III, M.Ed.
Academic Advisor
Anspach 115B
P: 989-774-3247
Email: harpe3al@cmich.edu
Book Appointments: https://alfredharper.youcanbook.me

Alfred Harper is graduate of Central State University (B.S in Business Administration) and Wright State University (M.Ed in Student Affairs in Higher Education). He is originally from Cleveland, Ohio and enjoys nature walks and hiking. As a passion, he enjoys helping students identifying their purpose and guiding them to see how their career and purpose align with each other.