Continuing Education

Please review the following for information about Michigan SCECH/CEU Program Registration, Program Monitoring, and Attendance Verification.


Each person registering for Michigan SCECHs or CEUs needs to complete the online registration form under Step Two and pay the $35 registration fee. (Step One and Step Three do not apply to this program.)

Registrants will need to track their time online to show verification of attendance and participation.

A maximum of 24 SCECHs or 2.4 CEUs are available for the training. The amount of SCECHs/CEUs awarded is determined by the number of hours an individual attends and participates in the training.

Registration instructions (Michigan)

    The educator’s Personal Identification Code (PIC) and email address are required on the registration form. If an educator does not know his/her PIC, they can find it at the Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS) website. The registration form should clearly state the title of the training.

    SCECH Registration Directions

    An email address is required on the registration form. The registration form should clearly state the title of the training. (NOTE: The form also requires a Personal Identification Code assigned by the Michigan Department of Education. Individuals who request CEUs do not have a PIC. Advise CEU registrants to enter the last 4-digits of their social security number followed by two zeros.)

    CEU Registration Directions

    Participation and attendance verification

    It is the responsibility of the Program Monitor to verify attendance and participation of SCECH/CEU registrants.

    At the start of the training, please advise participants to register for SCECHs or CEUs using the online registration form.  Directions are outlined in the SCECH registration directions and CEU registration directions.

    Remind participants they must attend and fully participate in the training in order to earn SCECHs or CEUs and that failure to track attendance will result in forfeiture.

    At the end of the training:

    • Verify that participants met all requirements to earn SCECHs or CEUs.
    • Issue certificates of attendance to eligible attendees.
    • Provide a list of individuals’ names who are eligible to receive SCECHs or CEUs to Kari Rojas via email at or to RONAN 350.  The list should indicate who wishes to receive SCECHs and who wishes to receive CEUs. Please also let us know if no one signs up to earn the SCECHs or CEUs for this training.

    The training is to run according to the approved agenda.

    Award of SCECHs and CEUs

    Participants may select to earn SCECHs or CEUs, not both. (A maximum of 24 SCECHs and a maximum of 2.4 CEUs have been approved for The Art of Gamecrafting.)

      Upon verification, CMU will upload eligible attendees into the Michigan Department of Education’s (MDE) Michigan Online Education Certification System (MOECS). Individuals will receive an email from the MOECS with instructions on how to access the system and obtain their SCECHs.

      Upon verification, CMU will email eligible attendees a certificate of attendance.