Army Nurse Corps

CMU ROTC is willing to accommodate to all needs of the Army's future Nurses.

As a member of the Army Nurse Corps, you'll be given opportunities of a lifetime! Your role as an Army Officer will afford you the chance to care for your patients in a variety of settings. Army Nurses have autonomy to practice nursing in a way that is unmatched by civilian health care facilities. Your professional judgment will be the driving force behind leading your nursing team to provide full spectrum patient care.

The Army Nurse Corps believes in a holistic nursing philosophy. You'll identify and organize multi-disciplinary resources for patients and their families to help them with inpatient, outpatient and home care. You'll be able to understand the special concerns and needs of your Soldier patients because you're also a Soldier, which allows you to better serve them. Identifying with your fellow Soldiers is essential to providing effective health care.

NOTE: ​​​Nursing programs are available through Ferris State University and Saginaw Valley State University. Central Michigan University does not offer a nursing program.

Army nurse accession bonus

Start with a sign-on bonus of up to $30,000 or up to $114,900 ($38,300 per year for a maximum of three years) if you elect to receive student loan repayment. If you participate in the Health Professions Loan Repayment Program, you could earn an accession bonus of up to $10,000.

Active Duty Health Professions Loan Repayment Program (ADHPLRP)

As a participant in this program, you can qualify for more than $114,000 to repay your nursing school loans. Under this three-year program, you could receive up to $38,300 annually for qualifying educational loans.

Special pay

As a nurse anesthetist, you can receive special pay in the amount of $45,000, paid in three yearly increments of $15,000. A $15,000 sign-on bonus is available for nurses with an associate or diploma, those with a BSN and specialized training in critical care, medical/surgical, psychiatric or preoperative nursing may be eligible for up to $30,000

Reserve Healthcare Professionals Loan Repayment Program (HPLR)

As a nursing professional serving on the U.S. Army Reserve Health Care Team, you may be eligible for up to $50,000 to repay your nursing school loans. This program provides up to $20,000 for two consecutive years, plus $10,000 for a third year. You may be eligible to participate in one other Army Reserve incentive program.

For more information about the Nursing Corps, please visit the Army Nurse Corps website.