Psychology Student Accomplishments

2022 Senior Celebration

Join us in recognizing our students for their accomplishments. Congratulations to all of our graduating seniors!

Psychology 385 Capstone Research Seminar

Celebrate the research accomplishments of our PSY 385 students as they complete their Capstone course in psychology.  Enjoy our virtual research poster presentation.  

Please watch the brief Welcome & Introduction video, then feel free to view the many research posters submitted by our undergraduate students (listed below).  Each poster has a voiceover explaining the research and outcomes.  You will be able to expand the poster to full screen by selecting the icon in the upper right portion of the poster.

Student presentations

Aeschliman, Alexa - Creativity and the Presence of Others

Allen, Braxton - The Derring Effect

Altman, Sierra - The Derring Effect

Amey, Emily - Affects of Birth Order on Level of Extraversion

Androl, Jade - The Effect of Caffeine on Creativity

Arrowood, Evan - Child Tracking Technology and Personality in Young Adulthood

Asher, Zach - Does Travelling for Work Affect Subjective Happiness?

Asman, John - Impact of Exercise on Depression, Anxiety, and Stress in Veterans

Babicz, Kennedy - The Effects of the Color Green on Creativity

Barden, Hannah - Coffee and Creativity

Beckstead, Alexandra - Effect of Environment on Innovation

Bilkie, Kylie - Hiding Success

Bohling, Toni - Innovation and Noise Levels

Bohnett-Smith, William - Music's Effect on Creativity

Boyd, Madelyn - Humor Appreciation

Bringard, Olivia - Positive Verbal Reinforcement and Creativity

Bristol, Paige - Differences Between Paper and Online Testing Formats

Britton, Caitlyn - Comprehension with Music Interference

Caldwell, Sabrina - Sharing and Hiding Success

Cammarano, Tommie - Subliminal Priming by Reading About the Physiological Mechanisms of Creativity Before Measuring Divergent and Convergent Thinking

Chambers, Rachel - Learning Methods and Memory Recall

Chase, Serena - The Effect of Extrinsic Rewards on Creativity

Cihak, Megan - The Effect Reading Fantasy has on Creativity

Clark, Jada - Evaluating Social Interactions Effects on Creativity

Coppo, Julia - The Influence of Emotional Support Animals on Depression in University Students

Cristea, Erica - The Effect of Stress on Creativity

Czajka, Lauren - Hiding versus Sharing Success

Demers, Hannah - Social Media Exposure and Its Impact on Female Body Image

Dixon, Dallas - The Derring Effect

Dragan, Savannah - Humor Appreciation

Feiger, Zane - Should I Be Laughing?

Fleming, Sydney - The Effects of Social Media Use

Grupenhoff, Isabella - Influence of Physical Activity on Mood

Guza, Alyssa - How Does Morality Effect Humor?

Hakemi, Kelvin - The Intersection of Logical and Spatial Reasoning

Hill, Jessica - The Effect of White Noise on Creativity

Hoffman, Emma - Sharing and Hiding Success

Horning, Lauren - Effect of Industrial Clangor on Creativity

Hoyt, Kelly - The Effect of Acute Aerobic Exercise on Creativity

Jenkins, Tramaine Sunni - Music's Influence on the Process of Creativity

Judge, Abigail - Creativity and Literature Genre

Keller, Serena - The Interaction Between Mood and Creativity

Krauss, Maddison - Creativity and Color

Kuznicki, Vincent - Should I Be Laughing?

Lockhart, Gracianna - The Effect of Child's Toys on Creativity

Logan, Riley - Effect of Observing Pain on Men's Empathy Toward Menstrual Cramps

Lukas, Samuel - The Derring Effect

McGregor, Kaya - The View of a Natural Environment and Creativity

McKinney, Christian - How Does Instrumental Participation Influence Recall?

Miller, Jack - Emotions Effect on Creativity

Milostan, Kristy - Hiding Success

Montgomery, Kayla - Hiding versus Sharing Success

Nikesh Amelia - Learning Methods and Memory Recall

Pea, Erykka - How Does Morality Effect Humor?

Phillips, Emily - Words of Assertion and Innovation

Pizzo, Ian - Effects of ADHD Medication on Creativity

Rawlings, Amanda - The Effects of a Naturalistic Environment on Creativity

Rigley, Chelsea - The Effect of Modality on Counseling Session Retention

Riopelle, Jordyn - Influence of Physical Activity on Mood

Samson, Vincent - The Derring Effect

Schenkel, Kensley - The Effect of Chewing Gum on Creativity

Schneider, Cody - COVID and Mental Health: Influence of Introversive Versus Extroversive Tendencies

Schneider, Natalie - Peer Presence Effects on Creativity

Shaffer, Randy - Parental Trauma and Creativity Among Musicians

Simons, Nadia - Dim Vs Bright Illumination: How Our Creativity Can Be Hindered Or Enhanced By The Light Around Us

Smith, Emily - The Derring Effect

Smoker, Maryssa - The Use of Student Finances to Predict Academic Success

Stacy, Rhiannon - Collegiate Recovery Programs and Their Influence on Academics

Steward, Emaline - Social Anxiety and Alcohol Use in College Students

Tremaine, Kira - Musical Enjoyment and Morality

Vicary, Eve - Social Media Exposure and Its Impact on Female Body Image

Visscher, Elizabeth - How Student Relationships to High School Guidance Counselors Impact Success in College

Wagner, Caroline - Caffeine and Creativity

Warner, Barbara - Online Vs Paper Testing

Weddle, Tiarra - Effect of Relationship Quality and Status on Self Esteem

White, Allison - Driving Anxiety Through the Ages

White, Madison - The Influence of Procrastination on College Student Stress

Williams, Trevor - How Listening to Music Affects Memory and Recall

Wright, McKenzie - The Impacts of Lyrical Music on Creativity Levels

Wu, Zifan - Influence of Music and  Emotion on Recall

Wysinger, Chelsea - Generational Attitudes on Discipline

Zoboleva, Anna - Problem Solving with Added Distractions along with a Time Limit