About Psychology

The Department of Psychology undergraduate program offers you a choice of three majors and a flexible minor. The first is a 30-credit major which is extremely flexible and is appropriate for anyone interested in psychology, regardless of post-graduation plans. The other two are 36-credit major concentrations, one in mental health, and the other in business.

The Department of Psychology has a long history with graduate programs, including the first doctoral program at CMU. We presently offer a Master's Degree in Experimental Psychology, Industrial/Organizational, a Specialist's Degree in School Psychology, and Doctoral Degrees in School, Clinical, Industrial/Organizational, and Applied Experimental.  

Our faculty have an outstanding reputation for both scholarship and teaching and are active researchers and scholars. Our students at all levels are taught the research methods of the field, and are encouraged to work on research in partnership with faculty.

Mission statement

The Department of Psychology has a threefold mission: to advance and transmit knowledge related to the nature of psychological processes; to provide a strong foundation in the basic knowledge and skills necessary for advanced study in psychology and related disciplines; and to provide the competence necessary for successful careers.


To fulfill its mission, the Department of Psychology has 10 goals:

  1. To promote psychology as a science and the important role it plays in advancing human welfare.
  2. To provide diversified course offerings designed to afford students the opportunity to gain awareness of the nature of the role of psychological processes operating within themselves and their environment.
  3. To provide competence to students whose career goals require knowledge and skills in diverse psychological areas.
  4. To provide students with the basic knowledge and skills necessary for advanced training programs in psychology.
  5. To provide graduate programs in the basic and applied aspects of psychology.
  6. To ensure that graduate programs are in compliance with professional standards.
  7. To support the professional development of faculty.
  8. To encourage and support research necessary for the advancement of knowledge.
  9. To provide adequate facilities required for teaching, research and other endeavors important in education and professional development.
  10. To disseminate knowledge of psychology to the community at large.


The Department of Psychology has a long history at Central Michigan University. The earliest reference to the Psychology Department is found in the Central State Normal School 5th Annual Catalogue for School Year 1899-1900. The Department of Psychology and Pedagogy was one of seven departments. In 1964, an independent Department of Psychology was established, and in the next few years, the first graduate degrees were approved, with the first degree being awarded in 1967. 


The Department of Psychology is mostly located on the first two floors of Sloan Hall on the north end of campus. We also have animal laboratories in Rowe Hall and the Health Professions Building, as well as our Psychological Training and Consultation Center (PTCC) and the Center for Children, Families and Communities (CCFC). We welcome you to contact us to tour our facilities and learn more about our programs.

Contact information

Department of Psychology
101 Sloan Hall
Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Phone: 989-774-3001
Fax: 989-774-2553
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