Students and Alumni in Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Class admitted Fall 2021

  • Angeles Astorga, Doctoral, University of North Texas
  • Mable Clark, Doctoral, University of Idaho
  • Hannah Eneix, Doctoral, University of Alabama
  • Georgia Jay, Doctoral, University of Alabama
  • Frederick Lawrence, Doctoral, Central Michigan University
  • Nadia Schellenburg, Doctoral, Florida State University
  • Carter Vespi, Doctoral, Kalamazoo College
  • Maci Krites, Masters, Wright State University

Class admitted Fall 2020

  • Edward Frere, Doctoral, Ohio University, Mentor:  Neil Christiansen
  • Holly Gasper, Doctoral, Elizabethtown College, Mentor:  Neil Christiansen
  • Savana Holmes, Doctoral, Central Michigan University, Mentor:  Stephen Collarelli
  • Amy Mast, Doctoral, Central Michigan University, Mentor:  Neil Christiansen
  • Young Kook Moon, Doctoral, Ajou University, Mentor:  Kimberly O'Brien
  • Anita Pai, Doctoral, Texas Christian University, Mentor:  Matthew Prewett
  • Cassaundra Stockner, Doctoral, Mercer University, Mentor:  Neil Christiansen

Class admitted Fall 2019

  • Charles Fales, Doctoral, Alma College, Mentor:  Kimberly O'Brien
  • Katherine Klein, Doctoral, Metropolitan State University, Mentor:  Matthew Prewett
  • Rob Loy, Doctoral, Central Michigan University, Mentor:  Neil Christiansen
  • Gina Rossitto, Doctoral, Lafayette University, Mentor:  Kimberly O'Brien
  • Michael Trease, Doctoral, Iowa State University, Mentor:  Kimberly O'Brien

Class admitted Fall 2018

  • Nga Do, Doctoral, Millsap College, Mentor:  Matthew Prewett
  • Brad McGill, Doctoral, Michigan State University, Mentor:  Kimberly O'Brien
  • Rachel Pohlman, Doctoral, University of Dayton, Mentor:  Kiimberly O'Brien
  • Mansik Young, Doctoral, Pusan National University (Republic of Korea), Mentor:  Neil Christiansen
  • Amy Mast, Masters, Central Michigan  University, Mentor:  Neil Christiansen

Class admitted Fall 2017

  • Sarah Adams, Doctoral, Bowling Green State University, Mentor:  Terry Beehr
  • Kyle Mann, Doctoral, Wayne State University, Mentor:  Kimberly O'Brien
  • Tyler Mirando, Doctoral, Central Connecticut State University, Mentor:  Stephen Colarelli
  • Krystal Roach, Doctoral, Coppin State University, Mentor:  Terry Beehr
  • Shane Sizemore, Doctoral, Saginaw Valley State University, Mentor:  Terry Beehr
  • Alexander Thierbach, Doctoral, Central Michigan University, Mentor:  Neil Christiansen  
  • Rachel Pohlman, Masters, University of Dayton, Mentor:  Kimberly O'Brien

Class admitted Fall 2016

  • Naga Shilpa Alamuri, Doctoral, Andhra University-India, Mentor: Matthew Prewett
  • Ian Armstrong, Doctoral, University of Georgia, Mentor: Terry Beehr
  • Steven Hirsch, Doctoral, Boston University, Mentor: Matthew Prewett
  • Hanna Hlebasko, Doctoral, Ball State University, Mentor: Neil Christiansen
  • Ki Ho Kim, Doctoral, University of California-San Diego, Mentor: Matthew Prewett
  • Daniel Gould, Masters, Saginaw Valley State University, Mentor: Kimberly O’Brien

Alumni placements

  • ​Towers Perrin
  • Booz, Allen, Hamilton
  • California State Polyhtechnologic University
  • Pacific Lutheran University
  • SWA Consulting
  • Chonnam University
  • Sonalysts
  • Army Research Institute
  • University of Detroit-Mercy
  • New York City Department of Education
  • Developmental Dimensions International
  • University of Tulsa

Student placements

  • PeopleAnswers
  • Dow Corning
  • Dow Chemical
  • Pepsico
  • Steelcase
  • Shaker Consulting