Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Welcome to the website for Industrial/Organizational Psychology Program and the Occupational Health Psychology Concentration at Central Michigan University.

The Department of Psychology at Central Michigan University offers a terminal Master's degree (M.A.) on campus, and a Doctor of Philosophy degree (Ph.D.) in Industrial and Organizational (I/O) Psychology on campus. Students in the Ph.D. program can also choose a Concentration in Occupational Health Psychology (OHP).

Industrial and Organizational Psychology is an applied area of psychology that is growing every day. I/O Psychology has a dual commitment to the science and practice involved in applying psychology to the practical problems faced by people at work in a variety of organizations. Occupational Health Psychology is also a blend of science and practice, focusing on worker health and well-being.

Improving worker productivity and the quality of work-life are the underlying goals of most I/O psychologists’ efforts. Such activities include researching better ways for organizations to select and train employees and how to measure employee job performance. Other activities are related to motivational issues at work, factors that affect work group processes, career development, understanding when different types of leadership and mentoring are most appropriate, and psychological factors affecting employee health and well-being.

About Industrial / Organizational Psychology

The I/O Psychology Programs at Central Michigan University prepare you for careers as active contributors to the psychology of work. Graduates of our programs typically work as consultants to businesses or in university settings where you'll develop, implement and evaluate human resource programs by applying the principles of personnel and organizational psychology. The coursework reflects a balance of classes in personnel psychology, organizational psychology, and research methodology. You can tailor your graduate education to reflect your own professional interests and academic needs.

    The master's program is offered in-person. This program is oriented toward the study of individuals in organizations and businesses with a focus on improving the well-being and productivity of the people that work there. You'll learn to use research and measurement skills to solve practical workplace issues and to apply the principles of psychology to human resource and leadership challenges. The M.A. program requires 30 hours of coursework.

    I/O Psychology Master's Program

    The doctoral program prepares students for careers in research, business, or university settings. This program requires 96 hours of course work, a comprehensive exam, a master’s thesis, and a doctoral dissertation and typically requires four or five years of intensive academic work.

    I/O Psychology Doctoral Program

    OHP is an emerging specialty area within psychology that focuses on the mental and physical health, safety, and quality of work life of employees. Ph.D. students in I/O psychology who wish to follow CMU's scientist-practitioner model for the OHP concentration enroll in elective classes in OHP and related areas (e.g., safety, epidemiology, and health professions), and they also conduct thesis or dissertation research on OHP topics. Typical topics include work-related stress, workplace incivility, employees' emotional and physical health, work-family relations, emotional labor, and behaviors related to workplace safety.

    Occupational Health Psychology Concentration

    Admissions process


    The deadline for all application materials is January 1st for the I/O doctoral program and February 15th for the I/O MA program. In addition to grades and GRE scores (subject portion not required), the Admissions Committee is attentive to letters of recommendation, personal statements, and relevant professional experiences.

    Contact information

    If you have any questions with regard to the application requirements please contact:

    Department of Psychology, 989-774-3001
    Central Michigan University, Industrial/Organizational Psychology Program
    Sloan Hall 101, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859
    Fax number: 989-774-2553​

    Application forms

      Complete and submit Central Michigan University's application form with all required application materials to the College of Graduate Studies. The Department of Psychology requires a Statement of Research Interest.  Requirements can be found in the application. Transcripts should be sent to the College of Graduate Studies, Central Michigan University, 802 Industrial Drive, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858. They can also be sent electronically directly from your prior school to For an update on your application status, please call (989) 774-4444.

      Apply Now

      Complete and submit the Information Form. Print and send this completed form by emailing the Psychology Department or by mailing to:

      Central Michigan University
      Industrial/Organizational Psychology Program
      Sloan 101
      Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859

      Information Form

      The online application requires three letter writers to electronically submit their letters to your application portal. You will need to provide their email addresses within your application in order for the system to automatically reach out to them.

      We require submission of recent GRE General Test scores as part of our admissions process for the PhD program. *The GRE is required for our Master's program unless applicants have an undergraduate major in psychology with grades of B or better in research methods and statistics courses. The subject portion of the GRE is not required.

      Please use the following information to send your GRE score:

      The code for Central Michigan University is 1106

      The I/O Psychology Program Code number is 2008.

      The GRE is currently administered either in person or remotely on your own computer at home. Please visit the GRE at Home website. GRE fee reductions may be available for those with financial need through the Educational Testing Service.

      Educational Testing Service Website

      Program goals

      The Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology Program seeks to advance and transmit knowledge related to I/O psychology and to provide a strong educational background in I/O Psychology for students. This background will enable students both to advance and transmit knowledge related to I/O Psychology and to provide consulting and expert services in the field. To fulfill this mission, the goals of the I/O Psychology Program are:

      1. To promote I/O Psychology as a science and method for advancing the effectiveness and well-being of people and organizations.
      2. To prepare I/O psychologists whose research, teaching, and applied work is primarily informed by current scientific theory, research, and methods.
      3. To prepare I/O psychologists who are knowledgeable about ethics and use ethical reasoning in their research, teaching, and applied work.
      4. To prepare I/O psychologists who respect the dignity and worth of all people.
      5. To develop and publicize new knowledge.
      6. To stimulate enthusiasm for the field of I/O Psychology among undergraduates through high expectations and excellent teaching.

      Forms and handbooks

      Student forms

      Student handbooks

      For past Student Handbooks, contact the Department of Psychology at