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Tuition and Fees - Global Campus

We’re committed to keeping your costs low while providing a top-tier education. Over the past 10 years, we've had the lowest cumulative tuition rate increase of any public school in Michigan. Plus, we offer scholarships, grants and other forms of financial aid.

Listed below are the basic tuition and fees for global and online students. Your actual costs could be much lower if you qualify for scholarships or another form of financial aid.

Global Campus Undergraduate Tuition

Lower Level (fewer than 56 credit hours)

 Per Credit Hour
Standard Undergraduate Courses$425
Federal Employee $361
State of Michigan Employee Discount Rate$361
Military Rate$299

Upper Level (56 credit hours or more)

 Per Credit Hour
Standard Undergraduate Courses$450
Federal Employee $383
State of Michigan Employee Discount Rate$383
Military Rate$299

Continuing Students

 Per Credit Hour
Standard Undergraduate Courses$445
Federal Employee $366
State of Michigan Employee Discount Rate$366
Military Rate$299

Global Campus Graduate Tuition

Master's Courses

 Per Credit Hour
Standard Graduate Courses$682
MBA Courses, MS-Information Systems, Master of Entrepreneurial Ventures and Graduate Certificate in Enterprise Systems$725
Military MBA, MEV and MS-IS Rate$700
Federal Employee Discount Rate$580
MS-IS and MBA ERP fee for courses with "S" designation$50
State of Michigan Employee Discount Rate$580
Military Rate$399

Specialist Courses

 Per Credit Hour
EdS - Specialist in Education Courses$682
EdS Courses - Military Rate$399

Doctoral Courses

 Per Credit Hour
Doctor of Health Administration (DHA)$850
Doctor of Health Administration (DHA) Military Rate$800
Doctor of Education (EdD)$778
Doctor of Education Technology (DET)$778

Global Campus Professional Development Tuition

Professional Development Courses

 Per Credit Hour
Educational and Professional Development Courses$500
Disney - US Students$295

Global Campus Fees

Fees for All Programs

Undergraduate Application Fee$40
Graduate Application Fee$50
Withdrawal Fee$50
MTH (math) / STA (statistics) Fee$12
Graduation / Certificate Fee$50
Continuing Education Units$35
Prior Learning Application Fee$125
Prior Learning Undergraduate Assessment Fee$105/credit hour
Prior Learning Graduate Assessment Fee$120/credit hour
Student Service Fee*$225

*The following students are exempt from this fee: military rate recipients, CMED, Disney interns, dual enrollment, E&PD, senior citizen audit program.