MEV Team

Our Faculty and Advisors have an incredible mix of experiences, degrees, publications, patents, teaching awards, blog/website/podcast awards and (in one case) Emmy awards.

Faculty by course

ENT 600 Business Foundations for Entrepreneurs (Fall I) - Alan Fitzpatrick

ENT 605 Foundations of Entrepreneurship (Fall I) – Joe Affholter

ENT 620 New Venture Formation and Governance (Fall II) – Jason Gordon 

ENT 625 New Venture Hires, Filings and Reports (Fall II) – Lynne Zagami & Malika Simmons 

ENT 630 Seed Financings and Securities Regulation (Spring I) –  Robin Sosnow &  Joe Green

ENT 640 Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurs (Spring I) –  Pad Alce &  Louis Foreman

ENT 650 Crowdfunding (Spring II) – David Nows

ENT 660 Technology for Entrepreneurs (Spring II) –  Alan Fitzpatrick

ENT 670 Venture Capital (Summer I) –  Joe Green

ENT 680 Growth and Risks at Emerging Ventures (Summer I) –  Jason Gordon

ENT 690 Entrepreneurial Acquisitions and Exits (Summer II) –  Joe Green

ENT 695 Entrepreneurial Transactions Capstone (Summer II) –  Mark Potts