Promote social connectedness and support

  • Supportive relationships and community connectedness can help protect individuals against suicide despite the presence of risk factors in their lives.
  • You can enhance connectedness through social programs for specific population groups (such as older adults or LGBT youth) and through other activities that reduce isolation, promote a sense of belonging, and foster emotionally supportive relationships.

Provider actions

  • Obtain release of information to speak with patient’s family or friends to ensure a full continuum of support; reinforce patient’s use of natural supports such as involvement in community organizations, spiritual community, social groups, etc. 
  • Consider men specific needs in regards to mental health. Engage in outreach in the community where patients and families gather to promote the utilization of mental health services and to reduce stigma. 
  • Provide resources to help patients address barriers that may reduce access to services.

Actions in practice

  • Use of community health workers to address sociocultural determinants of health; use of screening tools at the onset such as PREPARE to identify the need for resources/interventions, use of case managers to address barriers to utilization of services and to coordinate care amongst multiple agencies; use of web-based group videoconferencing.

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