MD Program

The CMU College of Medicine offers a holistic approach to learning, where traditional coursework is enriched by hands-on training through simulation labs, clinical rotations, and community-based assignments. This active teaching environment provides a real-world setting for expanding knowledge, honing patient care techniques, and emphasizing the critical skill of medical decision-making.

Through the college's collaborations with a network of hospitals, higher-learning institutions, corporations, foundations and communities, students benefits from a well-rounded, hands-on training experience.

A Mission that Matters

The Central Michigan University College of Medicine educates diverse students and trains culturally competent physicians to provide comprehensive health care and services to underserved populations in Michigan and beyond. Our faculty, staff and graduates advance health and wellness through exceptional education, innovative research, quality patient care and strategic collaborations to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities.

CMU College of Medicine recruits and admits students from Michigan to care for Michigan - especially those who are committed to pursue a career in primary care and serve the medically underserved.

Unique Curriculum

Going beyond the textbook, the CMU College of Medicine engages you in an active learning process that puts you in simulated and real-life medical environments.

At CMU, you'll benefit from a holistic approach to learning, where traditional coursework is enriched by hands-on training through opportunities such as:

  • Learn both the art and science of medicine to provide evidence-based, patient-focused care.
  • Gain invaluable knowledge and real-world skills by training in physicians' offices across Michigan
  • Take part in early clinical experiences and in-community learning activities
  • Work in a high-tech environment that features a state-of-the-art medical simulation center

Explore the CurriculumProgram Overview

CMU College of Medicine by the Numbers


  • Class size: 104
  • Gender (4-year average): 51% male, 49% female
  • Percent of students from Michigan: 80
  • Percent of under-represented minorities in incoming class: 11
  • Number of universities and states represented in Class of 2022: 36 and 11, respectively
  • Applications received for admittance to 2018 class: 7,450

Graduating Seniors

  • Percent match of those eligible for graduation in Class of 2018: 100
  • Percent of graduates who matched to primary care specialties: 75
  • Percent joining programs in Michigan: 54