Invest in the College of Medicine

Invest in Michigan, new physicians and our future

In 2022, the College of Medicine celebrates its 500th graduate—a milestone signifying the tremendous success earned and enjoyed since CMU welcomed our first class of future physicians in 2013.

From attracting high-quality faculty and staff to leveraging state-of-the-art facilities, from growing clinical volumes to fostering community partnerships, we have educated exceptional new doctors to meet the need for compassionate and comprehensive care locally, regionally and nationally.

Our mission is crystal clear: to train new doctors, expand health care capacity and improve access with an emphasis on rural and medically underserved populations in Michigan and beyond. Yet success will not be possible without the resources to grow in ways that benefit our learners and the community at large.

A bold vision to grow and support students

The College has embarked on an ambitious journey to secure necessary funding to ensure sustainability, support long-term growth and maximize our impact in the state. The effort seeks to raise capital in order to:

  • Create an endowment for long-term financial security and a basis for growth and progress.
  • Support student scholarships to offset student debt.
  • Secure funding to expand M.D. and Residency Program capacity and facilities.

The impact of investment

  • Close the gap in Michigan's physician shortage.
  • Provide access to health care for medically underserved populations.
  • Support students from Michigan to become doctors for Michigan.
  • Meet the needs of people and communities across the state.
  • Build collaborations and community partnerships.
  • Secure economic growth and job creation.

Benefits for individuals and family charitable trusts

  • Create change and impact the future.
  • Establish a lasting legacy.
  • Care for the future generations of your family and community.
  • Gain financial and tax benefits through philanthropy.

Benefits for corporations and regional businesses

  • Ensure a healthy and productive workforce.
  • Build vibrant communities.
  • Support economic growth.
  • Grow health care capacity.
  • Partner on shared social interests and values.
  • Establish a meaningful connection with CMU.

Benefits for charitable and community foundations

  • Deliver on your mission in partnership with the College.
  • Support higher education and community health and wellness.
  • Excellent option for the investment directed gifts.
  • Grassroots impact.