I.T. Considerations

Please view this comprehensive video resource example:  Pacific Southwest MHTTC Telehealth Clinical and Technical Considerations for Mental Health Providers.

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  • Ensure proper lighting with neutral wall color for easy visualization of the face, which simulates an in-person visit.
  • Avoid having a window or direct light source directly behind you as this will cause difficulty among patients to visualize your face.

Eye contact

  • It is best to make as much eye contact as possible, with the face centered on the screen.
  • You may have to raise the laptop or tablet with books or a stand so the webcam is positioned at eye level.
  • Ensure laptop or electronic device is stable.


  • Reduce ambient noise by using noise-canceling headphones and securing a quiet environment.
    • Consider placing a sign outside the door marked “Telehealth visit in Progress."
  • Turn off cell phone noise and calls to minimize distractions.
    • Refrain from touching cell phones or other devices as this may be interpreted as it weakens provider-patient interactions.


  • Appearance matters. Dress professionally for each telehealth visit.
    • Consider wearing white coats, limit wearing patterns, avoid flashy jewelry, and wear non-glare glasses to reduce distractions.
    • Reduce food and beverage intake during each appointment session.


  • Consider cleaning your surroundings to seem more professional.
    • Screens and curtains can always be placed directly behind you to provide a less cluttered background.


  • Introduce yourself appropriately and ensure your name is readily available for reference.
    • It is vital to establish rapport with each interaction.
  • Provide alternative means of contact and your phone number if technological issues appear.
  • Be prepared to take adequate notes.


  • Test your electronic equipment and software before each telehealth visit.
  • Check to see if you have logged out of the session.