Continuing Medical Education Team

CME mission statement

Central Michigan University College of Medicine Continuing Medical Education is committed to fostering an environment rich in professional development opportunities for physicians and interprofessional healthcare teams as they pursue lifelong learning in medicine. Based on the context of desirable physician attributes and competencies, we provide state-of-the-art, evidence-based, innovative and impactful healthcare education and research to improve physician knowledge, competence, performance and, ultimately, patient health and outcomes.

CME executive team

Judy Blebea

Judy Blebea, MD

Medical Director, CME
Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs and Faculty Development
Professor of Radiology
CMU College of Medicine


Mildred Willy, MD, FACEP

Associate Dean
Office of Student Affairs
CMU College of Medicine
Emergency Physician

Mary Jo Wagner

Mary Jo Wagner, MD, FACEP

Central Michigan University Medical Education Partners
Chief Academic Officer/Designated Institutional Official
Professor, Emergency Medicine

CME Administrative Team

Sheila Allen

Sheila Allen, BBA

CME Administrator
Phone: 989-746-7602

Marie Wyman

Marie Wyman

CME Specialist
Phone: 989-746-7555

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