Medical Student Organizations and Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Group involvement is a great way for the College of Medicine students to learn about various careers in medicine; as well as network with faculty and other students within the CMU College of Medicine community. Involvement in these groups and to the College of Medicine experience with a variety of diverse committees, groups and community activities to consider. Stop into the Office of Student Affairs with questions about how to get involved or start a new special interest group.

To browse all current College of Medicine Student Organizations and Special Interest Groups (SIGs), please see the list located further down this page.

Register a College of Medicine Special Interest Group

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Student diversity committee

The Student Diversity Committee plans monthly diversity and inclusion events for students, faculty, and staff at the College of Medicine. If you are interested in learning more about the committee or helping to facilitate an event, please contact Judy Idema.

Special interest groups

Medical school is all about the experience and part of that can be participating in special interest groups (SIGs). To help you learn more about the different SIGs at the CMU College of Medicine, we invite you to read the descriptions below or . If you have questions please reach out to Tracey Miret in the Office of Student Affairs at

The SIG Handbook is a compilation of rules, guidelines, and helpful tips for any SIG leader or student who is interested in starting a SIG. Please reach out to OSA if you have any questions.

National organizations

American Association of Neurological Surgery

National chapter, which diagnoses and treats disorders of the nervous system, including the brain, spinal cord, cerebrovasculature, and peripheral nerves. Areas of specialty include vascular/endovascular, functional, oncological, spinal, and skull base.

American Medical Association

The CMU College of Medicine AMA/MSMS SIG is part of a national organization that serves to bring together physicians, residents, medical students, and lawmakers to work together to change health policy and "promote the art and science of medicine and the betterment of public health". The AMA does this at a national level and MSMS does this at the state level.

American Medical Student Association

Seventy years strong, with roughly 30,000 active members all across the globe, AMSA is a student-led, national association that exists to cultivate, inspire and inform medical students. With opportunities for leadership, advocacy, and networking, AMSA offers a diverse set of resources geared toward empowering and educating medical students on how they may become effective leaders in the medical field not only in the future, but also right now.

Latino Medical Student Association

Here at the College of Medicine, we desire to unify students towards this goal by creating a chapter of the Latino Medical Students Association (LMSA). The LMSA was founded to represent, support, educate, and unify U.S. Latino(a) medical students, but is open to people of all backgrounds.

Muslim Medical Students' Association

A group to provide support for medical students at the College of Medicine, and allow students to develop clinical skills and cultural competence in relation to patients with diverse faith.


Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN) Chapter of the American Academy of Neurology The Student Interest Group in Neurology (SIGN) is registered as a chapter of the American Academy of Neurology, a professional society representing over 36,000 neurologists and neuroscientists. The SIG aims to bring fellow students together with similar interests through educational opportunities that will further expand their knowledge in the field of neurology. This will be complete through interactive student-driven lectures focused on the pathophysiology or neurological disorders and discussion of the current treatment modalities utilized in practice. Students will learn more about the field of neurology through discussions by neurologists, patient presentations, literary discussion, informational videos, research opportunities, and shadowing opportunities.

Student National Medical Association

Student National Medical Association (SNMA) is an organization committed to supporting current and future underrepresented minority medical students, addressing the needs of underserved communities, and increasing the number of clinically excellent, culturally competent and socially conscious physicians.

Serving underserved populations

Global Health Equity

The aim is to provide students the opportunity to participate in a unique service-learning trip, exposing them to global health disparities and clinical settings not routinely found in Michigan. Through participation in both the trip and active discussion, the group hopes to identify the most appropriate efforts towards eliminating such disparities. They will address community health concerns, while also investigating that certain disparities do not result from a lack of education, but a lack of resources. They will aim to develop a better understanding of the cultural, historical, political, and social contexts in which the Haitian people live. This group will focus on rural, underserved Haiti, mimicking the College of Medicine's mission.

Physician for Human Rights

Using science and medicine to stop human rights violation.

Service Trips

The Service Trips SIG allows students to volunteer for one week in another community. These trips offer the ability for students to explore social issues and to develop a diverse perspective, critical thinking and community involvement through meaningful service.

Street Medicine

Delivering healthcare to people experiencing homelessness.

Primary care specialties

Family Medicine

The Family Medicine SIG is for those who are interested in family medicine! We provide more information about what it is and what family medicine physicians do as well as provide opportunities to participate in related to family medicine.

Geriatrics SIG

The Geriatrics SIG is committed to raising awareness for the special medical needs of our aging population. Through various speaking engagements and learning opportunities, we hope to equip future doctors with the knowledge and resources to address these needs to provide quality care.

Internal Medicine

The Internal Medicine Student Interest Group (IM SIG) is a student-led group with the primary goal to promote the field of internal medicine, as well as to expose students with a better understanding of the field of Internal Medicine. This is done through various speaker presentations, conferences, and volunteer opportunities that allow students to explore the field of Internal Medicine, as well as its subspecialties. The IM SIG is partially funded by the American College of Physicians, which provides ample opportunities for students aspiring to become future internists.


The Pediatric Student Interest Group is for anyone looking to improve their understanding of pediatrics and how to communicate with children in a medical setting. We collaborate with a local elementary school, where we exchange letters with 4th and 5th grade pen pals as well as teach lessons regarding health and medicine to the students.


A student organization founded on the principle of providing educational and hands-on experience to medical students interested in pursuing a career in surgery. Small introductory clinics are tailored towards providing demonstrative and opportunistic learning exposures in the art of suturing, cast placement and removal, as well as performing imaging studies (i.e. ultrasound).

Women's Health/OBGYN

Focus on women's health and reproductive health.



Focused on learning about the field of anesthesiology.


The Cardiology Student Interest Group is a student-led group that's main purpose is to promote the field of cardiology, as well as to provide students with the exposure and a better understanding of the field of cardiology. This is done via various guest speaker presentations, enriching workshops, and volunteer opportunities that allow students to delve into the cardiology field, as well as its subspecialties.


Dermatologists play a role in diagnosing and treating diseases of the largest organ in the body - the skin. The integumentary system, the skin, and its accessory structures work closely with other systems in the body and for this reason, its attention is applicable to many fields of medicine in preventing and treating diseases such as skin cancer. The Dermatology Interest Group at the College of Medicine values learning more about skin health in addition to discovering ways to better educate and promote prevention and detection habits.

Emergency Medicine

A group for people interested in learning more about emergency medicine. We have several events including shadowing, speakers and a procedure day where you can learn clinical skills.


The Oncology SIG is for students interested in learning more about the field as well as finding different volunteer and educational opportunities related to Oncology. Last year the SIG raised over $400 for both national and local programs and participated in events concerned with new research topics as well as content review for the M1s and M2s. The SIG is growing and looking into establishing more volunteer and shadowing opportunities, and should be considered by anyone interested in the topic of Oncology!


Focused on the study of eyes and general eye care.

Orthopedic and Sports Medicine

The Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Student Interest Group's missions is to provide exposure for students interested in pursuing or exploring Orthopedic Surgery or Sports Medicine Careers. We host the annual Casting Clinic, which provides hands-on experiences in medicine, including putting on and cutting off casts. Additionally, we host the annual M1 anatomy review which allows M2's an opportunity to tutor M1's in the anatomy lab.

Otolaryngology (ENT)

Otolaryngology is a medical specialty, which is focused on the ears, nose, and throat. It is also called otolaryngology-head and neck surgery because specialists are trained in both medicine and surgery. They are often called an ear, nose and throat doctor or ENT.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

PM&R, or Physiatry, aims to restore functional ability, reduce pain, and enhance quality of life for those with disabilities or physical impairment. Common injuries that PM&R physicians treat include traumatic brain injuries, sports injuries, spinal cord injuries, and musculoskeletal injuries.

Psychiatry and Mental Health Advocates

The Psychiatry and Mental Health Advocates SIG strive to promote the field of psychiatry and the importance of mental health issues among students. We believe psychiatry is an important discipline because behavioral and mental health is integral to the overall well-being of every individual. We aim to provide opportunities for students to learn more about psychiatry and get involved in advocacy for mental health. Students are also encouraged to come up with unique ideas and execute them through this group.


This SIG is focused on both Digital Radiology and Interventional Radiology.

Urology SIG

Focus on urology, which is the medical and surgical discipline that provides adult and pediatric care for individuals with a genitourinary tract and adrenal gland conditions. American Urological Association

Special interest and extracurricular

Addiction in Medicine

The Addiction in Medicine SIG strives to make a connection between medical education and addiction. Addiction can happen to both patients as well as providers alike. The Addiction in Medicine SIG strives to educate medical students on the personal, physiological, and treatment aspect of all addictions.

Arab Medical Student Association

The Arab Medical Student Association will aim to promote cultural competence among the CMU College of Medicine student-body so they may better understand their future patients and peers. This platform allows for cultural enrichment of our peers in that they would become more familiar with Arab peoples and cultures.

Business in Medicine

The Business in Medicine SIG exists in order to provide business acumen to our students not otherwise provided in the everyday curriculum. The SIG is focused on providing students the opportunity to network with local physicians, hospital administrators, and business leaders. In addition, through speaker presentations and community events, we hope to provide students with valuable knowledge that can one day help them achieve their professional goals. This includes, but is not limited to, opening a practice, working as an administrator, developing a novel medical product, or starting a small business.

Christians in Medicine

Bible studies and discussion of how to maintain your faith while practicing medicine as well as your rights in controversial situations.

College of Medicine Community Health

Our mission is to go out into the community and distribute food to people that is grown by the SIG. We will also maintain a community garden.

College of Medicine Mentors SIG

Enroll current medical students into the SIG who would be willing to mentor undergraduate students at Central Michigan University. Each medical student would identify how many "mentees" they would be willing to take on. Once a list of medical students and "mentees" are set up, the Pre-Health advisor Amber Schneider will be contacted to help email undergraduate pre-medical students a sign-up sheet to connect/be paired with the medical school students. (The advisor will be contacted beforehand as well to ensure she approves). The goal of the SIG would be to help foster a relationship between current medical students and the students they mentor to aid them along their journey in applying and preparing for medical school.

College of Medicine Student Magazine

The College of Medicine Student Magazine is a student-run publication designed to be a creative outlet for College of Medicine students. There will be two components to the magazine: an online publication consisting of monthly columns, poetry, and other contributions and an annual publication. To make submissions to the magazine please email the editors at

Disabilities in Medicine

Focuses on the disabilities you will encounter as a physician and how to help, treat and respond to patients with disabilities.

Evidence Based Medicine

The Evidence Based Medicine Interest Group will strengthen student's use of evidence-based medicine in their clinical knowledge. The EBM Interest Group will offer exposure and training in evaluating landmark clinical trails and surgical and exercise interventions across all areas of medicine. This type of training is currently not available to the College of Medicine students and serves to prepare students for their clinical years and beyond.

Health and Nutrition

This SIG aims to educate students about the roles of nutrition and exercise on health and quality of life. Through our events, we also intend to introduce students to ways in which they can help future patients incorporate these important practices into their lives. Past and pending events include health fairs, fitness classes, and educational session with a registered dietitian, a session on how mental health is impacted by addiction, etc.

Immersion: Spanish Culture and Language

A group to learn medical Spanish and cultural competency to ultimately implement these skills in clinical contexts in rural, urban and possibly international locations.

LBGTQ Equality in Medicine

Promoting an understanding that there are LGBTQ patients out there and helping to build a foundation on how to best treat them and provide care for them as your patients.

Medical Ethics

Provide a forum for students to learn about, explore and discuss ethical issues related to healthcare.

Medical Students for Choice

Despite being one of the most common medical procedures, abortion is not being taught to most medical students. Less than half of our members learned about first-trimester surgical abortion from their schools. When future doctors are not educated on abortion and family planning, they are unable to offer their patients the full range of reproductive health care. Medical Students for Choice fights to keep choice a reality for women by creating abortion providers and pro-choice physicians.

Medicine in Media

This SIG aims to identify movie clips and TV episodes with relevant clinical situations and discuss the clinical relevance and pathophysiology of those situations in coordination with current College of Medicine courses.

Native Americans in Medicine

Native Americans are at an increased risk for developing various health conditions such as diabetes, addiction, and mental health issues. Rural tribes also may have inadequate access to care. We aim to help increase awareness.


This SIG is working to impact local communities by increasing access to basic medical supplies, education and support for those who need it. They are working to provide sustainable basic medical and hygiene supplies for homeless and underserved populations.

Rare Diseases

A group that looks at the diseases that are very low in prevalence and how to identify them.

Research in Medicine

This SIG aims to further develop the research culture at the College of Medicine. This involves making students aware of the research opportunities available for medical students and professionals in the fields of both basic and clinical sciences. The events would include faculty members presenting their research foci and improving students' research profiles (i.e. what makes an effective poster, etc.)

Technology in Medicine

Technology in Medicine SIG is part of an effort to help integrate the use of mobile phone applications into the treatments of our future patients.

Therapy through Music

Medical students exploring how to use music to establish a therapeutic relationship with patients. Specifically, learning to employ music in addressing the emotional, cognitive and social needs of patients.


This Special Interest Group is designed to expose medical students to ultrasound techniques before their third and fourth years.

Wilderness Medicine

Focus on medical care in settings with limited resources, consults, or time. Includes prevention/risk minimization, stabilizing patients, and evacuation.

Women in Medicine/FEMMED

Focus on women in medicine and how to navigate the healthcare system as a female doctor.