Internal Medicine Residents

Our Internal Medicine Residents are competent at managing acute/chronic conditions. They directly manage critically ill patients.  All residents experience a multicultural environment and diverse backgrounds while supporting each other's wellness.


Headshot of Sheikh Ajaz wearing a blue dress shirt and a gray patterned necktie.

Sheikh Jibran Ajaz, MD

Medical School: Government Medical College Srinagar
Professional Career Interests: Still deciding but I do really enjoy Cardiology
Why did you choose CMU: I really liked the program faculty and residents as I interviewed with them. Also, St Mary’s and Covenant, being the major health care providers to the community in the area, promised a diverse exposure to pathology, while the affiliation with CMU provided a robust structure for academics and research.  The beautiful landscape and lakes of Michigan were the icing on the cake.
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Cycling, swimming, working out and essentially all sports
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: Still exploring Michigan

Meshal Alsulami

Meshal Alsulami, MD

Medical School: Jordan University of Science and Technology
Professional Career Interests: Cardiology
Why did you choose CMU: Pursuing a broad field of knowledge and experience
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Reading, Poetry, Soccer, Running and Enjoying new cuisine with family and friends
Favorite Things to do around Michigan:  New to the area.  Still exploring

Headshot of Wasef Al-Khateeb wearing a dark gray suit with a white dress shirt and a red necktie.

Wasef Al-Khateeb, MD

Medical School: Marmara University School of Medicine
Professional Career Interests: Pulm/Crit, Cardiology
Why did you choose CMU: Being here, it feels like I am a part of one big family, all working towards the same goal. Everybody here wants to see you grow and would support you in any shape of form.
Personal Hobbies/Interests: SPORTS, all of them, especially soccer, and volleyball. Also, a big fan of escape rooms. 
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: I want to visit all the lakes, starting from Lake Huron. There are a lot of places I want to go to and many restaurants I want to eat at.

Headshot of Alia Bapary wearing a black suit with a black top.

Alia Bapary, MD

Medical School: Saba University School of Medicine
Professional Career Interests: Internal medicine general practice, geriatrics, nephrology
Why did you choose CMU: The diversity of the patient population, the faculty, and the residents
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Traveling, reading, true crime podcasts, cross stitch, crochet, cats
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: Travel to upper Michigan and the UP to go hiking, fishing, and see lighthouses. I also love to go to the zoo, museums, historical sites, and restaurants around Detroit.

Headshot of Lahib Douda wearing a blue suit with a white dress shirt and brown necktie.

Lahib Douda, MD

Medical School: AUC School of Medicine
Professional Career Interests: Hospitalist
Why did you choose CMU: I chose CMU because it stood out as an academic residency based in a community setting that cares for both the local population and that of several other hospitals. This combination is unique in that it offers the best of both worlds in a seamless way!
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Spending time with my family and friends, doing projects around the house and playing video games.
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: Enjoying the different seasons, trying new restaurants and going up north.

A woman with long hair wearing a cream shirt.

Faiza Hassan, MD

Medical School: Fatima Jinnah Medical University 
Professional Career Interests: Hospitalist
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Cooking, watching new movies or series, watersports 
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: Exploring new restaurants, exploring nature

Headshot of John Jarad wearing a blue suit coat over a white shirt.

John Jarad, MD

Medical School: Wayne State School of Medicine
Professional Career Interests: Clinical medicine, Hematology, Infectious disease
Why did you choose CMU: Training opportunities in a rural community, Highly motivated and energetic new program, Excellent attending physicians, Convenient rural living
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Day trips, gardening and homesteading, ceramic art, painting, A/V production
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: State forest hiking, trips to the upper peninsula, fine dining

Headshot of Robert Kasemodel white dress shirt with blue checkered pattern and a dark blue tie with light blue stripes.

Robert Kasemodel, MD

Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin
Professional Career Interests: Rural medicine, cardiology, critical care medicine, pre-operative medicine
Why did you choose CMU: I'm originally from Ann Arbor, MI so I was looking for a program close to home. Additionally, I was impressed by the emphasis on critical care medicine and procedural proficiency at CMU. We don't have fellows to compete with for procedures so you have the opportunity to gain some really impressive procedural skills in the inpatient setting.
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Tennis, FIFA, board games, camping, working out
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: Camping at Nordhouse Dunes on Lake Michigan, going up north to explore the lakes and nature, spending time with friends in Ann Arbor, and trying new restaurants in the Detroit Metro area.

Headshot of Matthew Kunz wearing a gray suit.

Matthew Kunz, MD

Medical School: Wayne State University School of Medicine
Professional Career Interests: Anything that offers more opportunities for procedures, included but not limited to cardiology, pulmonology/critical care, GI, etc. I have not ruled out pursuing primary care nor working as a hospitalist either, as these offer a greater diversity in problems I could see and help patients with.
Why did you choose CMU: I chose CMU because they offer many opportunities for procedural work. I am glad that without extra effort I am able to get access to these moments. Additionally, you can add on procedures by pursuing them. The atmosphere and interpersonal relationships between residents and faculty was pleasant, both prior to and during residency. Additionally the X+Y schedule system is more humane, in my view. This system allows one to be constantly learning without feeling bogged down by month long rotations. I appreciated having the separation of ambulatory clinic and in-patient services, not every program offers this. Additionally, the faculty are warm and receptive to your concerns and support your growth not only as a physician, but as a person, too. The program has great faculty that want to build something special here. CMU was an obvious choice for me.
Personal Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy fishing, kayaking, biking, soccer, and weight lifting among other typical activities. I also enjoy making metal model sets of random things (such as tanks, and architecture, the most recent one took a month and it was of the Notre Dame Cathedral). 
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: I enjoy being on the water, camping up North at Pictured Rocks. I am originally from the metro-Detroit area so I love going to the Red Wings games at the LCA. There are plenty of things and sites to see in the mitten state!

Headshot of Nicholas Lettner-Knowlton wearing a light gray dress shirt and a black and grey striped tie.

Nicholas Lettner-Knowlton, MD

Medical School: Saba University School of Medicine
Professional Career Interests: Continuing my education and eventually teaching others.
Why did you choose CMU: The size of the program allows you to be more involved in patient care.
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Exercising, hiking and enjoying the outdoors
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: Enjoying the winter time activities

Headshot of Hamza Malik wearing a gray suit.

Hamza Malik, MD

Medical School: King Edward Medical University
Professional Career Interests: Interested in Cardiology
Why did you choose CMU: The strong focus on resident education and clinical exposure makes CMU an ideal place.
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Spending quality time with friends and exploring new restaurants
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: Visiting all the tourist spots

Headshot of George Matthew wearing a dark suit with a red tie.

George Mathew, MD

Medical School: K.S. Hegde Medical Academy,  Mangalore
Professional Career Interests: I am currently interested in pursuing a career in academic Oncology,  likely hematological and GI malignancies. I am still open to other options and look forward to exploring different subspecialties during residency. 
Why did you choose CMU: CMU offers a unique program that provides a good balance between academic medicine and clinical research. The faculty are very supportive and provide a nurturing environment. This program offers broad clinical experience from two different training hospitals, with world-class SIM lab facilities that deliver an excellent opportunity for procedural skills training.
Personal Hobbies/Interests: I enjoy traveling to different places, exploring various cultures, and spending time with friends and family. I am always excited to try new restaurants (notably Middle Eastern cuisine!). Also, fond of being involved in church activities
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: I'm still exploring the beautiful state of Michigan

Headshot of Nwamaka Merah wearing a black blazer and a black and blue print top.

Amaka Merah, MD

Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine
Professional Career Interests: I am particularly interested in Pulmonary/Critical Care, but I'm still exploring different paths as I have so many interests within the field of Internal Medicine
Why did you choose CMU: It was very important to me that my program was supportive of the growth and well-being of its residents, and CMU does exactly that. The IM faculty, residents, and the rest of the staff at Ascension St. Mary's and Covenant are approachable and knowledgeable, and they foster an environment that inspires me to be a better physician every day.
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Cooking/Baking, Travelling, Photography, and spending time with my husband
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: I'm still exploring Michigan, but I've enjoyed visiting Lake Huron and Frankenmuth.

Headshot of Usheem Syed wearing a black floral print top and a red colored hijab covering around head and neck.

Usheem Syed, MD

Medical School: Sher-i-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences
Professional Career Interests: Cardiology, Hospital Medicine
Why did you choose CMU: To experience the best of both worlds. CMU allows me to pursue my academic interests while maintaining one-to-one mentoring in a supportive culture and respecting work-life harmony.
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Doodling and Drawing, Reading (Mostly fiction)
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: Still exploring


Headshot for Ramy Ballout wearing a blue blazer, blue shirt, and red tie.

Ramy Ballout, MD

Medical School: American University of the Caribbean
Professional Career Interests: I am currently exploring all that Internal Medicine has to offer, but I am interested in Cardiology and Pulm/Crit
Why did you choose CMU: CMU stood out to me as a program that provides a  warm and supportive environment that is keen on helping you succeed in your endeavors. Having a wide range of patient populations and plenty of procedural opportunities I knew this would provide excellent opportunities for professional growth. Being from Michigan is a bonus that I get to be close to home!
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Reading, cooking, fitness, spending time with my wife and family
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: Exploring the different lakes and parks while enjoying the four seasons. Trying out new restaurants. 


A man with dark and mustache wearing a dark suit with a white collared shirt and maroon tie.

Ghazwan Bahro, MD


Headshot for Keith Bouffard wearing a blue print shirt.

Keith Bouffard, DO

Medical School: Arkansas College of Osteopathic Medicine 
Professional Career Interests: Infectious disease and hospital medicine
Why did you choose CMU: Growing up in Livonia in Metro Detroit, and graduating from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, my love for Michigan and its people has shaped my desire to practice medicine in this vibrant state. Central Michigan University is the ideal choice for my residency in Internal Medicine, combining my passion for serving Michiganders with a commitment to staying and making a difference here. As a Michigan native, serving the people of this state holds great importance to me. CMU shares this commitment, focusing on addressing the unique healthcare needs of Michiganders. Joining CMU means becoming part of a community dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of patients throughout the state.
Personal Hobbies/Interests: I’m constantly listening to music and enjoy hip-hop, R&B, hard rock, classic rock, and country. I enjoy cooking new dishes for friends and family, barbecuing, and breaking out the smoker. I also enjoy playing video games, jamming on my base guitar, golfing, and watching trashy television/reality TV shows.
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: Explore Ann Arbor and get lost downtown and go to a Wolverines game. Explore Metro Detroit: Check out the Detroit Institute of Arts, get your history fix at the Henry Ford Museum, and eat some awesome Middle Eastern food. Hang out on the Lake: Spend a chill day by the water and go for a boat ride. Skiing in Harbor Springs at Nubs Nob and exploring Petoskey. Traverse City wine tasting: Check out the local wineries and hang out in downtown Traverse City.


Headshot for Justin Czajka wearing a black blazer and blue top.

Justine Czajka, MD

Medical School: Jagiellonian University Medical College
Professional Career Interests: While I am most interested in Primary Care, I am willing to explore my interest in other subspecialties.
Why did you choose CMU: CMU is very supportive of resident education and progressively increasing responsibility throughout the program. The 2-week block schedule allows for a good balance between inpatient services, outpatient electives, and the clinic.
Personal Hobbies/Interests: I get joy from spending time with others while cooking, playing board games, and going on a hike with my dog, Rubin.
Favorite Things to Do Around Michigan: I'm excited to explore the unique activities of each season in Michigan. Visiting the lake in the summer, apple picking in the fall, ice fishing in the winter, and flower festivals in the spring.


Headshot for Afrasayab Khan wearing a blue blazer, white shirt, and red tie.

Afrasayab Khan, MD

Medical School: Government Medical College, Srinagar
Professional Career Interests: During my residency, I'm eager to dive into various Internal medicine subspecialties, approaching them with an open mind and a sense of curiosity. 
Why did you choose CMU: Thanks to its affiliation with CMU, the program prioritizes academics and research, providing a nurturing learning environment. Additionally, the community-based training exposes residents to a diverse variety of patients, fully preparing them to practice medicine in a real-world setting.
Personal Hobbies/Interests:  I really enjoy hiking and camping! There's something so freeing about hitting the trails, and just soaking up the fresh air. I can't wait to immerse myself in nature by hiking and camping up in the serene upper peninsula. Also, I love going out with friends and family to explore fancy restaurants, trying new flavors, sharing laughs, and creating amazing memories.
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: I absolutely love checking out the stunning Great Lakes. Whether I'm splashing around in the water,  or just kickin' back on the beach, it's pure bliss. 


Headshot for Gaurav Luthra wearing a navy shirt and a blue striped tie.

Gaurav Luthra, MD

Medical School: SABA University School of Medicine
Professional Career Interests: I have a broad interest in various fields of medicine. Currently, I am exploring different electives to discover my passion and determine which specialty aligns best with my skills and interests. I am committed to continuous learning and staying updated with the latest advancements in the field. 
Why did you choose CMU: First and foremost, the program's strong reputation for clinical excellence and comprehensive training appealed to me. After talking to residents, I was impressed by the diverse patient population and the opportunity to work with experienced faculty who are dedicated to resident education and mentorship. Furthermore, the sense of community and camaraderie among residents at Central Michigan University stood out to me. The collaborative and supportive atmosphere, coupled with a commitment to work-life balance, creates an ideal environment for learning and thriving as a resident.  Lastly, the location itself is an appealing factor. Central Michigan University's proximity to a diverse patient population and a wide range of healthcare facilities provides ample opportunities to develop clinical skills and encounter a variety of medical conditions. 
Personal Hobbies/Interests:  One of my favorite pastimes is reading, as it allows me to immerse myself in different worlds and gain new perspectives. Writing is another passion of mine. Whether it's jotting down my thoughts in a journal or crafting creative pieces, I find fulfillment in expressing myself through words. Writing allows me to reflect, process emotions, and share stories in a meaningful way. 
Favorite Things to Do around Michigan: As I am still exploring Michigan, I am discovering a multitude of favorite things to do in this diverse state. 


Headshot of Adil Mohammed wearing a blue checkered blazer, white shirt and brown tie.

Adil Mohammed, MD

Medical School: Mamata Medical College
Professional Career Interests: Hospital Medicine, Cardiology 
Why did you choose CMU: I chose Central Michigan University because it offers a well-structured university program with a comprehensive academic curriculum that aligns with my career goals. The university provides a plethora of resources aimed at enhancing our clinical skills, which is crucial for our professional development. Personally, I appreciate experiencing all four seasons in Michigan, adding to the appeal of the location. The program's supportive and motivating culture resonates with me, and the presence of top-class faculty promises an excellent learning opportunity. The friendly atmosphere amongst the residents creates a conducive learning environment, fostering collaboration and growth. Additionally, the university's rich research resources offer exciting prospects for advancing medicine, which greatly influenced my decision.
Personal Hobbies/Interests:  I'm quite the sports-loving individual, with a deep admiration for Lionel Messi; being a soccer player myself, he's a true inspiration. Tennis is another passion of mine, and I often head out to the court for a game. Beyond that, I find joy in swimming, as it's an activity that I truly enjoy.
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: Yet to explore Michigan's breathtaking natural beauty.


Headshot for Denise Mourad wearing a black top.

Denise Mourad, MD

Medical School: Université Saint Joseph de Beirut
Professional Career Interests: Interested in both Pulmonary and critical care, Cardiology
Why did you choose CMU: This program offers me exposure in multiple settings and to multiple populations. It helps me improve as a clinician while feeling advised and mentored.
Personal Hobbies/Interests:  Exercising, cooking, and outdoor activities
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: Exploring outdoor venues, restaurants around me, and places where I can meet people. I also want to visit the different cities in Michigan as much as I can.


Headshot of Jaspreet Nannar wearing a flower print top.

Jaspreet Nannar, MD

Medical School: St. George's University School of Medicine
Professional Career Interests: Hematology/Oncology. Open to learning about other sub-specialties.
Why did you choose CMU: It was important for me to be at a program that was supportive of its residents and valued a work-life balance. At CMU, I believed I was going to get the training to become a confident physician and receive the guidance and mentorship to pursue a fellowship. 
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Running, Tennis, Hiking 
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: I'm still exploring but I plan on visiting Traverse City and Mackinac Island. 


Headshot of Natasa Petreska wearing a white and black tank top.

Natasa Petreska, MD

Medical School: Indiana University School of Medicine

Headshot for Breeha Saeed wearing a white blouse.

Breeha Saeed, MD

Medical School: King Edward Medical University
Professional Career Interests: I am interested in Endocrinology and Cardiology. I am open to other specialties as well. 
Why did you choose CMU: I heard great things about the program especially the focus on didactics. The amount of support available is enormous. 
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Reading, writing, cooking, and traveling
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: Dining out and visiting the lakes.


Headshot of Sachin Singh wearing a white shirt and a blue tie.

Sachin Singh, MD

Medical School: MediCiti Institute of Medical Sciences
Professional Career Interests: I am interested in Cardiology but still exploring the different subspecialties in Internal Medicine. I am confident the exposure I receive during training at CMU will help me decide.
Why did you choose CMU: The program is very well-rounded and versatile, big enough for the diverse pathology and small enough for everyone to know each other. The simulation lab and strong academic curriculum were also big drivers.
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Golf, Basketball
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: I have enjoyed visiting Bay City, Birch Run, and the suburbs of Detroit.



A man with short dark hair with mustache and beard wearing a dark collared shirt.

Ramzi Abbasi, MD

Medical School: Ross University School of Medicine
Professional Career Interests: GI or Endocrinology
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Soccer, playing percussion instruments, being outside
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: Try new food spots, northern Michigan hikes, hanging out with my church family

A smiling man with short dark hair and mustache wearing a light colored collared shirt.

Robert Alhaddadin, MD

Medical School: Hashemite University
Professional Career Interests: Cardiology/Hematology
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Acting, singing, movies, soccer, event organizer/participant
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: Observing the beautiful nature, going to the lakes, hiking, socializing 

A women with long brown hair wearing a dark suit with a pin striped collared shirt smiling.

Cleris Christian, MD


A women with short dark hair wearing a striped collared shirt smiling.

Haritha Darapaneni, MD

Medical School: Guntur Medical College, Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences
Professional Career Interests: Cardiology but also exploring other interests
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Dancing, cooking, traveling, K-drama fan
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: Hiking, exploring the nature

A man with short dark hair wearing glasses and a smile in a patterned collared shirt.

Jad El-Hajj, MD

Medical School: St. George's University School of Medicine
Professional Career Interests: Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine (or Cardiology, I am still deciding!)
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Traveling, photography, cooking, playing volleyball and soccer, rock climbing, cinema
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: Exploring the outdoors

A man with short dark hair with a beard and mustache smiling wearing a light blue collared shirt.

Mashood Farooqi, MD


A man with dark hair wearing a blue plaid collared shirt.

Amaresh Gogikar, MD

Medical School: Rangaraya Medical College
Professional Career Interests: Cardiology, Endocrinology
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Basketball, chess, badminton, cooking, dog lover
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: Exploring the scenic beauty of Sleeping Bear Dunes, enjoying the vibrant culture and food scene in Detroit, visiting the charming towns along the Lake Michigan shoreline, and taking in the natural splendor of the Upper Peninsula, especially around Pictured Rocks and Mackinac Island. 

A man with dark hair and glasses wearing a light colored suit with a white collared shirt and pink tie.

Priyatham Gurram, MD

Medical School: Mamata Medical College
Professional Career Interests: Hospitalist
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Astronomy explorer, roller skating, watching motorsports like MotoGP, Formula 1. 
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: Exploring the nature, hiking, stargazing

A man with short dark hair smiling wearing a maroon collared shirt.

Emmett Helsel, DO

Medical School: Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine 
Professional Career Interests: Pursue a fellowship in Cardiology or Pulm CC
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Basketball, football, staying active
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: Rock hunting, being up north

A woman in a white button down and black suit coat.

Lyluma Ishfaq, MD


A woman with long hair wearing a blue and white striped shirt.

Christelle Rahme, MD

Medical School: Universite Saint Joseph
Professional Career Interests: Hem-onc
Personal Hobbies/Interests: I love doing outdoor activities such as skiing, cycling, and jogging. 
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: I haven't been in Michigan long enough, but I would love to canoe across the Great Lakes. 

A man in a black suit, blue patterned shirt, and blue and black striped tie.

Charles St.-Germain, MD

Medical School: St. George's University 
Professional Career Interests: Gastroenterology or Hospitalist
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Playing and watching sports such as basketball, football, and soccer
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: I am still new to the area so I am exploring