Medical Simulation Facilities

Learn more about the medical simulation facilities at the Central Michigan University College of Medicine.

Mount Pleasant

The simulation center on the campus of Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant includes two control rooms and fourteen patient rooms, two of which are setup for high fidelity manikin simulations. The center supports a wide variety of learners and curriculums including medical students, physician assistant students, resident physicians, nursing students and more through teaching sessions and Objective Structured Clinical Examination. The center’s main priority is delivering supplemental instruction to first and second year medical students in Essentials of Clinical Skills longitudinal coursework. Training in support of the M.D. program curriculum includes foundational sciences and physical examinations that correlate with instruction on the major organ systems. Students develop strong interpersonal and clinical skills through Standardized Patient simulations to become experts in best practices as well as effective communicators with a compassionate bedside manner. 


The Simulation Center located in Saginaw totals nearly 10,000 square feet of space, features five simulation suites, two debriefing rooms with high-definition videoconferencing capabilities, large task training/wet labs, a workshop and office areas. In addition to very sophisticated manikins that can speak, breathe, and mimic almost any medical condition, we now can teach surgical skills with highly realistic virtual reality trainers and even a DaVinci surgical robot control panel.

The Center supports a wide array of participants which includes resident physicians, medical students in their clinical rotations, respiratory therapists, nurses and other allied health personnel. As part of our community outreach, the center has recently implemented “mock code” team-based training for hospital employees and is providing obstetrical workshops off site upon request. Our obstetrical manikin can very realistically deliver a baby and she can even have a Cesarean section.

We proudly adhere to the underlying institutional mission of providing outstanding medical education to not only undergraduate and graduate level medical trainees, but also to the community at large. We are able to tailor activities to a variety of specific learners. For example, we have designed a curriculum specifically for University pre-medical students who are preparing for the rigors and expectations of the medical profession.

The importance of excellence in communication, teamwork, and closed-loop communication is a constant emphasis to all of our abecedarians. These skills have proven to be essential in outstanding patient care and good outcomes. Each and every staff member at the Simulation center promotes patient safety and best practices, while creating a safe environment in which participants can practice and hone their medical skills. 

Medical Simulation Center