Task Trainers

CLtrainingPartial task trainers allow our learners to repeatedly practice and perfect high-risk procedures that they perform in the healthcare setting. These simulators accurately recreate human anatomy and landmarks, allowing for a repeated rehearsal of psychomotor skills prior to employing in a live patient environment. This allows for markedly improved compared with the traditional "see one, do one, teach one" adage of procedural skills training.

At Covenant HealthCare Simulation Center, we have numerous partial task trainers that simulate everything from simple injections to complex surgical procedures. The curriculum is customized to the audience and procedural steps guided by the use of checklists and instructional videos.

Partial task trainers

SimuLab Almost Human

Simulab TraumaMan
Simulab CentralLineMan
Simulab FermoralLineMan
Simulab Lumbar Puncture Baby
Simulab Arthrocentesis Trainer
Simulab Thoracentesis Trainer
Simulab Ultrasound Paracentesis Trainer
Simulab VascularAccessChild
Simulab Subcutaneous Injection Pad
Simulab Venipuncture Pad
Simulab Adult Lumbar Puncture Trainer

Kyoto Kagaku

Kyoto Kaguko Adult Lumbar Puncture Trainer
Kyoto Kaguko Pediatric Lumbar Puncture Trainer


Laerdal Pediatric Intubation Trainer
Laerdal Arterial Arm Stick


Trucorp Airsim Adult Airway Trainer
Trucorp Airsim Multi Airway Trainer
Trucorp Airsim Advanced Airway Trainer

Blue Phantom

Blue Phantom Central Line Trainer
Blue Phantom IV and Arterial Line Trainer


Lifeform IV Training Arm
Lifeform Female Catheterization Trainer
Lifeform Male Catheterization Trainer
Lifeform Intraosseous Access Trainer

Limbs & Things

Limbs and Things Rectal Examination Trainer
Limbs and Things Clinical Female Pelvic Trainer
Limbs and Things Clinical Male Pelvic Trainer

Standard Intubation head
Adult/Child CPR
Advanced IV Arm
Advance Combo
Advance Combo Bronchi
Advanced Intubation Head
Advanced Intravenous Training Arm
Arterial Line Arm
Articulating Head
Baby Anne
Breast Examination Simulator
Complex Tissue Model
CPR Meter
Infant Airway Trainer
Infant CPR Manikin
Kim Kyle Kevin
Knot Tying Boards
Little Ann
Little Joe Adult CPR Manikin
Little Joe Jr. CPR Manikin
Multi Intubation Head
NeoNatal Intubation Trainer
Pediatric Intubation Head
Pediatric IV Hand
Resusci Anne
Resusci Baby Q CPR
Resusci Ann Q CPR
Tissue Model
TruSkin with Board
Ultrasound Adult Lumbar Puncture/Epidural Trainer
Ultrasound Arthrocentesis