Shifting Mindsets for Better Health

Professional Education Podcast Series - NEW FOR 2021!

Shifting Mindsets for Better Health, a continuing education podcast produced by our partners at Central Michigan University with a grant from the Children’s Foundation. This podcast series brings together healthcare professionals across disciplines to share insight into the far-reaching effects the coronavirus pandemic has on children, caretakers and medical care providers.

Shifting Mindsets Podcast Details  

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COVID-19 and Children's Health Series Topics

Physical Health and COVID in Children
Mental Health and COVID in Children
Building Resilience in Children
Building Resilience in Caregivers
Mental Health Inequalities and Racism
Physical Health Inequalities and Racism
Telemedicine during the COVID-19 Pandemic
Spotlight on the Children’s Foundation
Variants, Vaccines and Post - COVID 19 Conditions in Children
The Lost Year - Academic Learning and Athletic Participation
Impacts of Social Isolation on Children
COVID-19 Vaccine

Responding to ACEs: Resources for Resilience

CMU’s podcast series responds to a critical need for mitigating the prevalence and impacts of ACEs and provides information, strategies, and resources for medical professionals.

ACE Podcast Details

Responding to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) Series Topics