Study Abroad Summer Sequence in History

Spend a summer in Europe and earn up to a semester's worth of credit over the summer (12 undergraduate or 9 graduate credits) by taking one, two or all three faculty-led, study-abroad courses through our Study Abroad Summer Sequence (SASS) in History.

  • Complete the full SASS and earn a semester’s worth of credits (12 undergraduate, 9 graduate)
  • Graduating early could save you a full semester of living costs
  • Save even more by applying for Department, College and University scholarships

Fulfill graduation requirements

  • Are you an undergraduate student? Complete up to three of your Gen Ed Requirements.
  • Majoring in history? You can complete your HST 496 capstone with SASS.
  • Minoring in Museum Studies? A Divided Nation fulfills six hours of MST elective credit.
  • Are you a graduate student? Fulfill a seminar and a colloquium requirement. Complete the entire program and earn half of the required credits at 600 or above. 
  • Are you in the Accelerated Graduate Degree Program? You can take SASS graduate courses while you are an undergraduate and apply those credits to your graduate degree. 
  • Are you hoping to finish your MA through the Summer Intensive? You can use SASS courses to complete your degree.

Application information

The application deadline is February 1 for the upcoming summer. Apply early. Once the program fills, applications will close. For more information, contact Professor Kathleen Donohue at Study abroad courses must meet the minimum enrollment in order to run.

Scholarships and awards

Apply for one or more scholarships available through the Department of History, World Languages, and Cultures, the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, the Study Abroad Office, and the Benjamin Gilman International Scholarship Program. Most deadlines for scholarships are on or before December 1. Make sure to apply early.


Image of the Bernliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral) with a large green dome and several smaller green domes on roof.
The Bernliner Dom (Berlin Cathedral)



Students can choose to take one course, two courses, or all three courses offered through SASS.

A Divided Nation: Germany East & West

May 25 - June 18, 2024*
Frankfurt, Jena & Berlin
6 credits, IV-B

Americans in Paris

June 20 - July 7, 2024*
Paris & Normandy
3 credits, I-A**

Keep Calm & Carry On: The Allied Homefront during WWII

July 9 - July 24, 2024*
Edinburgh & Glasgow
3 credits, either III-B** or WI

*Tentative Dates
**Pending Committee Approval