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Study Abroad

See the world. Change your life.

We offer 150 programs in 50 countries on six continents, all designed to help you achieve personal growth while experiencing the world. Every year, 750 CMU Chippewas head off to other places — and learn to say We Do in lots of different ways.

Spending a semester or longer in another country exposes you to different cultures and languages, giving you a sense of how other people live that you could never gain otherwise.

By the time you return to campus, you'll have a different view of the world and a wider cultural perspective. And once you gained that knowledge, nothing will look the same ever again. 

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The ultimate résumé booster

Studying abroad isn't a vacation — you will, after all, be studying. You'll also be living a cross-cultural experience that will change your life. And employers know you'll gain:

  • International perspective and experience
  • Cultural competency
  • Language skills
  • The skills to think on your feet
  • The knowledge you can thrive in unfamiliar environments

Employers are looking for someone with study abroad experience, because employers understand the global nature of the industry.