Model United Nations

The CMU Chapter of the UN-USA is a simulation of the principal organs of the United Nations (i.e., UN General Assembly, Security Council and ECOSOC). The program is designed to educate individuals about the activities of the UN, including current events, pressing international issues, basics of international law, and diplomatic protocol/procedures.

Conference Activities

When students serve as delegates during national Model UN conferences, they will participate in formal and informal caucusing (debate), negotiate with other representatives, and write resolutions or amendments. The students take on the full role of delegates of the countries that they represent and must vote and negotiate according to that country's positions on various issues.

Preparation Courses

To prepare for national Model UN conferences, you'll participate in a course taught by a professor from the Department of Political Science. This course is designed to provide an orientation to the activities of the United Nations, as well as foster an understanding of the modalities of international diplomacy.

At the beginning of the semester, you'll be assigned a country to research and represent at a national Model UN conference, such as the National Model United Nations in New York or the American Model United Nations in Chicago. As a student delegate you'll spend time researching both the country you are representing at the simulation and that country's position on issues that are currently on the agenda of the UN. In order to prepare to act as diplomats at the conference, you'll draft speeches and position papers, learn the parliamentary rules and procedures that are practiced at the UN, and hold practice simulations.

  • PSC 353 Model United Nations: Introduces students to the activities of the United Nations and the protocol and procedures of diplomacy in order to participate in United Nations simulations.  Prerequisite: 26 credits completed or permission of instructor.

  • PSC 354 Advanced Model United Nations: Allows advanced students to further their knowledge of the protocol and procedures of diplomacy and participate in United Nations simulations. Prerequisite:  PSC 353

Costs & Fees

Costs to participate in the Model UN program include the expenses of attending the national Model UN conferences. These costs include:

  • Conference Registration Fees
  • Travel Costs (to New York and/or Chicago)
  • Overnight Hotel Accommodations


When you participate in the Model UN program you'll learn valuable skills in public speaking, debate, critical thinking and dispute resolution. The discussions and resolutions that you work through with other delegates during the Model UN conferences are unpredictable, challenging and rewarding. By adopting the role of another country, you'll earn experience in international relations that enables you to view important issues through a new perspective.

Links & Resources

CHIP Model United Nations

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