Psychological Training and Consultation Center

The Psychological Training and Consultation Center (PTCC) is part of the Psychology Department at Central Michigan University and offers outpatient mental health services. The Clinic serves residents of the mid-Michigan area as well as members of the CMU community.

Psychotherapy for a wide range of adult and child psychological disorders is offered at the Clinic, as well as couples and family therapy. Psychological testing for problems such as learning disorders and deficits in attention and concentration is also available. In addition, the Clinic offers a number of specialized therapy programs.

If we are unable to provide the needed services, referrals can be provided. We do not provide emergency/walk-in services or same-day appointments. Services are provided by CMU Clinical Psychology doctoral students under the supervision of Psychology Department faculty. For services, please call 989-774-3904.


General information and hours

The Clinic is located in the Health Professions Building on the campus of CMU, on East Campus Drive between Bellows and Preston in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

The Clinic is open Monday through Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, with some evening appointments available. We may be able to provide either telehealth or in-person services, based on the mutual preferences of the clinician, client, and supervisor. Your clinician will discuss options with you.

Fees for therapy range from $10 - $75 per session, depending on financial need. The fee for a psychological assessment is $500. We do not participate with any insurance carriers and are unable to submit claims to your insurance.

Contact us for further information or to schedule an appointment at (989) 774-3904.

Clinical services

General clinic

The General Clinic offers scientifically-based treatments for many common troubles such as depression and emotional distress, anxiety, difficulties in adjustment, school-related problems, behavior problems, stress, relationship problems, anger, substance abuse, and coping with health concerns. The treatment approach may be cognitive-behavioral, family-focused, or psychodynamic, but generally consists of weekly 60-minute appointments over the course of several weeks or months.  Psychological evaluations for common concerns (e.g., ADHD, learning disabilities) are also available. These evaluations typically involve record review, interviews, testing, and rating scales.  Evaluation methods and specific assessments used are tailored to each client's needs.

Clients can expect a collaborative, warm, and empathic environment as they work with their therapist to improve their quality of life.

Specialty programs

The Trauma and Anxiety Disorders Clinic (TADC) provides an in-depth psychological assessment and state-of-the-art cognitive-behavioral treatment for anxiety disorders. Treatment is available for those who struggle with anxiety, are experiencing psychological symptoms related to a traumatic event, have panic attacks, or are dealing with obsessive compulsive disorder. Supervised by Dr. Elizabeth Meadows.

The Neuropsychology Clinic is a specialty clinic that offers comprehensive neuropsychological evaluations, with an emphasis on providing practical recommendations for patients and care providers. Areas of assessment include general intellectual functioning, memory, problems solving, sensory/motor functioning, communication ability, academic skills, and emotional functioning. Supervised by Dr. Reid Skeel. Please call Dr. Reid Skeel directly at 989-774-6485 for information about this clinic.

Supervising clinical faculty

Supervising school faculty

Clinic director

  • Allison Peart, PhD.