The CMU College of Medicine will prepare diverse, culturally competent physicians focused on improving access to high quality health ​care in Michigan with an emphasis on rural and medically underserved regions. Our gr​aduates will aspire to excellence in providing patient-centered and evidenced-based care to their patients and their communities. We will engage physicians in leading health care transformation, lifelong learning and team-based education.


We will facilitate the transformation of health care in Central and Northern Michigan through:

  • Delivering innovative programs in medical education.
  • Preparing our students to incorporate the College of Medicine's values into their daily lives.
  • Promoting inter-professionalism and team-based approaches in progressive health care.
  • Creating team-based educational opportunities and programs.
  • Creating an environment supportive of lifelong learning for our graduates, faculty, staff and partners.
  • Supporting and serving community educational needs across the continuum of medical education.


In all that we do, we strive for integrity, respect, empathy, inclusiveness, social responsibility, excellence and innovation.​​​