College of Medicine Application Process

Students admitted to the Central Michigan University College of Medicine should be prepared for a challenging medical curriculum and the demands of a rapidly changing health care environment. 

We use a holistic admissions process and seek to admit students who have personal characteristics and interests that align with the CMU College of Medicine mission. 

Our holistic review process balances the applicant's academic portfolio with other aspects of their application, such as the capacity for using critical thinking and logic, an understanding of the principles of ethics, personal values, and the qualities necessary for successful development into a compassionate, skilled physician able to serve the needs of a diverse and changing population. 

We encourage applicants to review the  AAMC Core Competencies for Entering Medical Students for additional information. 

The Central Michigan University College of Medicine encourages individuals to discover personal areas of academic interest through their curricular and extracurricular activities. We believe the field of medicine offers opportunities for applicants from varying backgrounds, experiences and academic pathways. Students should allow personal interests and passion to dictate their choice of an undergraduate major.

Step 1 – File an application with the American Medical College Application Service

Visit the AMCAS website to file an application. This process includes using the AMCAS letter of recommendation service. For questions, email or call 202-828-0600.

Step 2 – Submit a secondary application

Select applicants will be invited to continue the application process by submitting a secondary application. Information concerning the secondary application will be emailed. The deadline to submit the secondary application will be noted in the email. Secondary applications are submitted via our online portal. 

Once an applicant's secondary application and supporting materials are received, the application will be reviewed. While we make every effort to provide final decisions as early as possible, it is possible that an applicant could remain without an interview decision until February. 

The fee for the secondary application is $100.00 due upon submission.

Step 3 – Interview

The CMU College of Medicine will be conducting all interviews for the 2023 AMCAS cycle in a virtual format. Our interview days will run from August – March and approximately 450 applicants will be invited to interview. You can expect to interview with faculty, staff, students and community members as part of your interview day. The interview format includes both multiple mini interviews and small group activities.

What to expect

Prior to your interview you will receive an email that includes an agenda and a more detailed timeline for your interview day. Our interview days will have staggered start times, you will be assigned a start time of either 10 a.m., 11:10 a.m. or 12:20 p.m. and your entire interview will take approximately two hours.

Additional information
While you won't be able to learn everything about CMU on your interview day, we will cover a lot of ground prior to your interview, and all applicants who are invited to interview with us will be invited to join our Road to Matriculation Series (RTM). The RTM series features live presentations on all four years of the medical curriculum, including the Comprehensive Community Clerkship, as well as the opportunity to interact with current medical students via a Q&A panel.

Preparing for your interview

Multiple Mini Interview
The College of Medicine employs a tested model for the interview process called the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) when interviewing candidates.  The Multiple Mini Interview (MMI), differs significantly from the traditional panel or individual interview model often used.  No prior medical knowledge is required for the MMI.

Scenarios and interviewers
The MMI has applicants rotate through the interview stations with members of the College of Medicine faculty, staff, current medical students and members of the university community.

What are we measuring?
Each interviewer poses a pre-developed scenario related to a single theme such as ethical decision-making, critical thinking skills or communication skills. This rotation gives interviewers opportunities to assess all interviewees within the context of their respective scenario.

Other interview components
In addition to the MMI, you will also take part in various group activities.

CASPer test

The CASPer test is an optional component and is not in any way required as part of your application to the CMU College of Medicine. 

We believe that taking the CASPer test can benefit our applicants. Most notably, the CASPer test is excellent preparation for medical school interviews. We believe that this exam will help individuals feel more comfortable in the multiple mini-interview format employed at Central Michigan University. 

CASPer does not factor into our application evaluation process. Please do not delay any portion of your application in anticipation of taking the CASPer test. If you decide to take the exam, please do so at your earliest opportunity. Test dates are available beginning in the summer. 

A complete list of test dates is available on CASPer. Please note that there are a limited number of test dates and times. These are the only test dates available. Advanced registration is required. CASPer is administered by an external testing company - Altus Assessments. There is a total fee of $20 associated with CASPer, which is not part of the CMU College of Medicine application fee. This fee is paid directly to the testing company upon registration and consists of a $10 test fee and a $10 fee to send your score to CMU. These fees are waived for applicants qualified for the AAMC Fee Assistance Program. 

Please direct any inquiries about the test to

Step 4 – Admission and matriculation

Applicants who have been selected for admission will be offered admission on a rolling (ongoing) basis throughout the admission cycle. New admissions are asked to accept the offer through the online admissions system within two (2) weeks of notification.

Matriculation requirements

College of Medicine Terms and Conditions of Acceptance

  1. All acceptances, scholarships, and merit awards for the CMU College of Medicine are contingent upon satisfactory completion of all course work including the CMU College of Medicine premedical requirements noted in our admission requirements.
  2. Satisfactory completion of an undergraduate baccalaureate degree.
  3. AMCAS does not forward your final transcript. You must have an official terminal transcript (degree shown on transcript) sent (from the institution you earned your baccalaureate degree or higher) to the CMU College of Medicine before matriculation:

    CMU College of Medicine
    2520 S. University Park Drive, Building D
    Mount Pleasant, MI 48859

    You can also have your transcripts sent electronically from your host school to

    Your final transcripts must be received by our office no later than July 15.
  4. Satisfactory results of a criminal background check (CBC). All accepted College of Medicine students will have their information forwarded to the AAMC Criminal Background Check Servicer (Certiphi).

Criminal background checks

The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) recommends that all US medical schools procure a national background check on applicants upon their conditional acceptance to medical school. The rationale for performing criminal background checks on accepted medical school applicants is based on a number of issues, including the need to enhance the safety and well-being of patients and, in so doing, to bolster the public's continuing trust in the medical profession, and to ascertain the ability of accepted applicants to eventually become licensed physicians.

This service is conducted in recognition of the desire of medical schools to procure appropriate national criminal history reports and to prevent applicants from paying additional fees at each medical school to which they are accepted. College of Medicine participates in the AAMC-facilitated Criminal background Check service (Certiphi). For more details regarding the criminal background check process, visit the AAMC website.

  1. Documentation to show completion of immunization requirements.
    Completion deadline: Mid-June

  2. Your acceptance to the CMU College of Medicine may be rescinded if it becomes apparent that any materials submitted are fraudulent or deceptive. In addition, if you are a recipient of any institutional or legal action (e.g. conviction under a University Honor Code or a court proceeding) you must notify the school immediately. Failure to notify may result in withdrawal of the offer or dismissal at any time during your academic program.

Materials necessary to accomplish these tasks will be sent to students holding a place in the class at various intervals before matriculation.

Required immunizations

The College of Medicine follows the AAMC Standardized Immunization requirements. Prior to your matriculation to CMU, you will receive additional information on how to use our online record keeping system – CastleBranch. This is where you will upload all of your immunization information.

Health insurance

Central Michigan University does not offer students the option to purchase health insurance. If you are not covered under a policy either through your parents or significant other, you will need to explore purchasing insurance. 

Two possible options are the Marketplace or Healthy Michigan.

Insurance through the state of Michigan will be available at either a reduced cost or it could be free. If you are out-of-state, you will need to first move to Michigan and have an address before you can apply for insurance. Please be sure to visit the websites listed above to find answers to any questions. The College of Medicine does not endorse or recommend any insurance plan - the choice is yours.