Emergency Medical Services Fellowship

Excellence in emergency care

The Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Fellowship is the path to becoming an EMS physician and expert in pre-hospital emergency medical care. Operated jointly by the Central Michigan University (CMU) College of Medicine EMS Fellowship and the Saginaw-Tuscola Medical Control Authority (STMCA), the synergy created by the two organizations gives Fellows a range of opportunities and experiences in emergency medical systems.

This one-year program immerses Fellows in the day-to-day operations of a high-performance EMS system that spans urban, suburban, and rural areas. Upon completion, the Fellow will have a practical and academic understanding of EMS.

Become a well-rounded EMS physician

The College’s unique program and approach embraces a decentralized and distributed model which places Fellows in on-scene, clinical field response scenarios. In addition to field experience, Fellows gain experience in management roles, and learn about the operational and business aspects of a state-of-the-art advanced life support agency. 

Rigorous training and extensive clinical care opportunities

Fellows provide on-scene and direct medical oversight. They work closely with the EMS Fellowship Program Director and have unrestricted access to all EMS events occurring within the system. This includes the following opportunities:

  • Participation in system quality assurance initiatives involving dispatch triage, on-scene treatment, and protocol development
  • Special operations opportunities: tactical EMS, dive team, disaster medicine, air medical, county Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
  • Conferences and educational activities: National Association of EMS Medical Director course, continuing medical education stipend (for primary board review, review materials, or other educational activities)

EMS Fellowship Details

Application process

Applications to the EMS Fellowship will consist of:

  • A brief, one page letter of interest.
  • Current curriculum vitae.
  • 3 letters of recommendation from:
    • The applicant's residency director
    • The applicant's faculty member responsible for EMS activities
    • A physician at large

The above documents will be submitted to the EMS Fellowship program director. The program director will then review the materials and decide if the applicant will be granted an interview.

Application requirements

  • Completion of an ACGME accredited residency program.

EMS faculty


Noel Wagner, MD

Fellowship Program Director

Thomas Charlton

Thomas Charlton, MD

Assistant Program Director


Christopher Price, MD

Assistant Program Director

Current EMS fellows

David Kramp, MD
David Kramp, MD

Medical School: Central Michigan University College of Medicine
Professional Career Interests: EMS, Rural Medicine, Health literacy
Why did you choose CMU: I had a great experience at CMU's EM residency and it gave me great exposure to the EMS fellowship.  Our fellowship offers a huge amount of freedom, leadership opportunities, hands-on experience, and community exposure
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Martial arts, weight lifting, playing guitar and singing, running, playing video games, and watching movies
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: hop around breweries, going out on the lake in the summer and skiing or snowboarding in the winter

Craig Thomas, MD
Craig Thomas, MD

Medical School: Central Michigan University College of Medicine
Professional Career Interests: Admin/Leadership
Why did you choose CMU: Liverpool soccer and Detroit sports
Personal Hobbies/Interests: Great program. Great training. Close to family. Unopposed program
Favorite Things to do around Michigan: Visit Northern Michigan with the family