Motion Analysis Center

The Motion Analysis Center is a modern facility dedicated to the study of human movement. Housed in the Physical Therapy Program, the center emerged from a partnership between The Herbert H. & Grace A. Dow College of Health Professions and the College of Science and Engineering. The center's mission is to create an environment that promotes collaboration among a diverse group of researchers and the integration of theoretical knowledge with clinical experience.

  • Latest in motion capture technology, virtual reality equipment, and custom devices developed at Central Michigan University.
  • Research in virtual rehabilitation, human development, biomechanical modeling, motor control, and development of quantification tools for the clinic.
  • Generously supported by the National Science Foundation.

Facility features

The Motion Analysis Center houses state-of-the-art equipment:

  • 12 Vicon T-Series T160 cameras
  • Bonita high-res optical camera
  • Dartfish motion capture system
  • 3 AMTI OR6-7-1000 force plates
  • APDM Opal inertial sensors
  • Shimmer3 sensors
  • 82 inch Mitsubishi 3D TV bundle
  • Neurocom
  • Positive Science Mobile Eye-Tracking Laboratory (METL)
  • ​ActiveStep Fall Prevention System ​
  • EMG
    • Noraxon​
    • Delsys Trigno Wireless - 16 Channel
    • Motion Lab Systems MA400 - 28 Channel
  • Software: Labview, Matlab, Mathematica, Statistica, SPSS, Maya, Motion Builder Autodesk, WorldViz Vizard, Vicon Software Packages (ie. Nexus, Polygon, Blade)