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We have resources to support your academic journey.

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There comes a time for all students when they run into difficult situations and life gets in the way. Whatever you may be facing, we are here to support you and get you back on track.

What is undergraduate academic standing?

    You are considered in good standing at the university when your cumulative GPA is 2.00 or greater. If you are concerned about falling below good standing (or a 2.0 GPA) at any time, reach out to your Academic Advisor to get some additional support and discuss what additional resources you can use to help your academic performance.

    You would be placed on academic probation if your GPA is below 2.00 after a semester, but above the range for dismissal. Probation and dismissal are both based on attempted credit hours or total credit hours, whichever is greater (see Academic Standing Table). Total attempted hours include CMU credits earned or attempted at the 100-level or above, transfer credits, and hours earned in other ways (i.e. Advanced Placement, dual enrollment, etc.).


    If you are ever placed on academic probation, we will let you know. You would be encouraged to seek support from your Academic Advisor, Tutoring, and other academic resources on campus. If you are on academic probation for three consecutive semesters, including summer sessions, you would be subject to academic dismissal.

    Academic Suspension

    You would be placed on academic suspension if your first semester (at least 6 credit hours) GPA at Central Michigan University falls below the range for academic probation (see Academic Standing Table).

    If placed on academic suspension, you can submit an Academic Reinstatement Request for the next semester (See Return to CMU). Details about your academic suspension and the reinstatement process will be sent to you following the official grade deadline for each semester or summer session.

    Academic Dismissal

    You would be academically dismissed if your cumulative GPA falls below the cumulative GPA range for probation (see Academic Standing Table), or if you have been on academic probation for three consecutive semesters, including the summer session.

    Details regarding your academic dismissal and the reinstatement process will be sent to you following the official grade deadline for each semester.

    You can not enroll in classes again unless you submit an appeal for reinstatement (see Returning to CMU). You may be granted the appeal to enroll for the next semester; however, you may be asked to enroll at a different institution for up to one year. After attending another institution, you could apply for reinstatement and would be asked to provide your official transcripts.

    Access the Academic Standing table in the CMU Bulletin at the button below. 

    Click here for academic standing table

    Returning to the university?

      If you have been dismissed from Central Michigan University and are ready to return, you will need to complete the reinstatement process. If reinstated, you will be readmitted on academic probation. Please complete the Academic Reinstatement Request below to begin the process.

      Once you complete the form, a staff member will contact you to discuss the next steps.

      For Graduate Students: If you are a previous CMU graduate student interested in returning to campus, please contact Kara Owens in the Office of Research and Graduate Studies at 989-774-3873 or

      If you chose to take a semester or more away from CMU and are ready to return, contact us directly at 989-774-7506 or

      Academic Reinstatement Request