Student Service Center and Graduate Admissions

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We offer academic advising for your undergraduate and graduate programs, success coaching, and help to find student resources.

We're located in the atrium of the Health Professions Building, HPB 1250 and our advising staff is happy to offer phone and virtual appointments.

Frequently Asked Questions

Undergraduate Advisors

Kelly Lawson
Academic Advisor
HPB 1250B
Phone: 989-774-7506

Nicole Acker
Academic Advisor
HPB 1250E
Phone: 989-774-7506

Ken Rumsey
Academic Advisor
Phone: 989-774-7506

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Pre-Medicine & Health Professions Academic Advising

Amber Schneider
Pre-Medicine & Health Professions Advisor
HPB 1250C

Ryan Bigelow
Pre-Medicine & Health Professions Advisor
HPB 1241

Jackie Johnston
Pre-Medicine & Health Professions Advisor
HPB 1243

Raychel Payne
Pre-MEdicine & Health Professions Advisor
HPB 1165

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Graduate Admissions

Clint Fitzpatrick
Student Service Center & Graduate Admissions Director
HPB 1250F

Amanda Fox
Executive Office Specialist, Graduate Admissions
HPB 1250G


Yes. CHP Student Service Center academic advisors will help you with your major map, but you will still need a faculty advisor to sign your major. It is also helpful to build a relationship with an expert in the field of your interest.

Come prepared by bringing a copy of your Bulletin and orientation documentation if applicable (transfer students only). We recommend that you keep copies of all forms and documents for your records.

You should meet with an academic advisor, either in the CHP Student Service Center or your faculty advisor, at least once a semester to discuss your plans and to make sure you are on-track to graduate in a timely manner.

Advisors are limited to what information can be shared with parents due to federal laws.

You need to officially sign your major by the time you have 56 credit hours unless otherwise stated by your designated major. You should contact your faculty advisor to schedule a time for filling out the necessary forms.

Yes! If you are undecided but know that you would like to go into a health-related field, then we can help you find the right major and career path for you. Call and set up an appointment to meet with an academic advisor.

Yes, regardless of your academic status we can answer your questions and are here to help in any way possible.

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