College of Health Professions Student Service Center and Graduate Admissions

In the College of Health Professions (CHP) student service center, we are here to help you develop and navigate your path to graduation. We can assist you with planning courses, selecting your major, understanding program requirements, learning strategies for success, and exploring opportunities for professional development. We are available to meet with you in person, virtually, or by phone.

Learn more about advising through our frequently asked questions.

Current students

As a CMU Chippewa, you'll be assigned an academic advisor who will work with you from orientation to graduation. To find your assigned academic advisor and schedule an appointment, go to Degree Progress.

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Prospective students

Your journey in health professions starts early. By scheduling a visit with the College of Health Professions you will learn about our programs, meet our faculty, tour our facilities, and experience what it's like to be a CMU student. We invite you to visit campus to see for yourself how we prepare leaders in the health professions. Schedule your visit with the Admissions Office and they will coordinate with us if you choose to also learn more about the health professions during your visit day.

Schedule a Visit to CMU

Graduate admissions

The College of Health Professions offers graduate programs such as physical therapy, physician assistantaudiology, and speech-language pathology. If you are interested in one of our graduate programs, call 989-774-1730 or email the College of Health Professions graduate admissions to set up a visit with us.

Frequently asked questions about academic advising

If I visit an academic advisor, do I still need to see my faculty advisor?

Yes. Academic advisors will help you with your major map, but you will still need a faculty advisor to sign your major. It is also helpful to build a relationship with an expert in the field of your interest.

How often should I plan to meet with an academic advisor?

You should meet with an academic advisor, either in the CHP student service center or your faculty advisor, at least once a semester to discuss your plans and to make sure you are on track to graduate in a timely manner.

How do I sign my major(s) and/or minor(s)?

You need to officially sign your major by the time you have 56 credit hours unless otherwise stated by your designated major. You should contact your faculty advisor to schedule a time to fill out the necessary forms.

Can an academic advisor help me with questions about a major or career options?

Yes. If you are undecided but know that you would like to go into a health-related field, then we can help you find the right major and career path for you. 

Is the CHP student service center available for students who are on academic probation?

Yes. Regardless of your academic status, we can answer your questions and are here to help in any way possible.