Advising Resources for Communication Sciences and Disorders

Stephanie Richards

Undergraduate academic advisor

Dr. Stephanie Richards
Office:  Health Professions Building 2168
Phone:  989-774-1415

Susan Naeve-Velguth | Chairperson, Communication Sciences Department

Communication sciences and disorders department chairperson

Dr. Susan Naeve-Velguth
Office:  Health Professions Building 2186
Phone:  989-774-7292

  • If you are interested in majoring in communication sciences and disorders and are unable to schedule an appointment with Dr. Richards, email Dr. Naeve-Velguth to schedule an appointment.
Shannon Palmar

Audiology division director

Dr. Shannon Palmer
  Health Professions Building 1183
Phone:  989-774-7288

  • If you are interested in audiology email or call Dr. Palmer to schedule an appointment.
Natalie Douglas

Study abroad advisor

Dr. Natalie Douglas
Office:  Health Professions Building 1170
Phone:  989-774-2543