Health and Physical Education Program Details

If you have a passion for health, fitness, and working with people to improve their quality of life, a degree in health and physical education is right for you. Currently, the health trends of our nation continue to decline as obesity, hypokinetic disease, mental health issues, substance abuse, and many more health complications are rising. Our Health and Physical Education (HPE) major leads to certification to teach health and physical education in kindergarten through 12th grade.  As a health and physical educator, you will be prepared to be the front line of defense to educate and induce behavioral change in students to improve their health and wellbeing for a lifetime.  As an HPE major, you will be equipped with the following knowledge and skills to teach:

  • Health concepts such as nutrition, physical fitness, substance abuse prevention, human sexuality, and disease prevention.
  • Functional motor competency.
  • Resistance and cardiovascular training techniques.
  • Fitness plan development.
  • Lifelong physical activities.

Health and physical education major plans

We have various plans for you to choose from to complete the health and physical education major.  Choose the plan that best fits you and your goals.

Faculty advisors

If you are interested in the HPE major, you are encouraged to meet with your faculty advisor.  Your faculty advisor is determined by using the first letter of your last name.

Last nameFaculty advisor
A-HDr. Ray Allen
I-RDr. Rick Ferkel
S-ZDr. Kevin Fisher