Sports Skill Instruction Program

Our PED/Sports Skill Instruction Program (PED/SIP) serves the local campus and community to provide them with the Skills, Knowledge, and Confidence to participate for a lifetime in physical fitness activities, sports, and games.

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Why take a PED Course?

  1. You receive academic credit that counts towards your total required to graduate.
  2. There is an increased emphasis on academic performance.
  3. You learn the activity or sport and how to participate outside of class for the rest of your life.
  4. They are really fun!
  5. They are a critical element to living a healthy life.
  6. They increase your chances of getting hired after graduation: Employers seek individuals who are more physically fit for many reasons. They are more productive, require less in health insurance, they are more responsible, more organized and just plain better employees!

Remember, up to six credits can be used toward graduation. You can repeat a class as many times as you want! We recommend taking one credit a semester to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The best way to stay active is to schedule it!