Enrollment in PED classes follows the same procedures as all CMU classes; students register online. If the class is closed, please follow these suggestions: 

Add yourself to the waitlist for the course. Follow the links on the registration site to be added. If a class does not have a waitlist, contact the department secretary 989-774-2026.


Attend the first week of classes if you are on the waitlist or if you plan to attend that class so your attendance grade is not affected.

Constantly check the web for open sections or call the PES office at 989-774-2026.  People will drop classes and create openings.


For the second eight-week classes, a bump card must be obtained from the secretary. Stop into SAC 194A.

Grading Policy:

Your grade will be based on the knowledge and skills you learn about a particular sport or activity as well as your attendance and participation. Because each class in this program is participation-oriented, your attendance will have a large impact on your grade. If you miss 30% of the class for whatever reason, you will not pass the class. Your instructor will have more specific information regarding the grading policy, incomplete and deferred grades, as well as Credit/No Credit grading. 

Travel Policy:

Some classes require you to meet off-campus. You are responsible for the travel and your safety to and from that location. If you need to make arrangements, contact your instructor.

Extreme participation policy:

Some classes within the PED department require a more intense form of activity or have a higher risk of injury. Students who take these classes must be aware of the risk and participate within their abilities. Students are responsible for any medical costs related to accidental injuries while participating in these classes.

Fee Policy:

Because of the cost structure of the University and of the PED program, many PED classes have fees that students must pay to cover costs not covered by student tuition. These fees cover certifications, the use, and replacement of specific equipment, and also the services from support staff required to offer the course (i.e. lifeguards, bowling attendant). Specific amounts can be found when registering for the course.

Injuries during participation:

If a student is injured during class and is not severe,

Students may contact University Health Services Primary Care at 989-774-6591 or go to Foust 200 for assistance between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

If the injured person is unable to transport him or herself for treatment, phone CMU Police at 989-774-3081 for on-site assistance. Faculty and staff members should NOT attempt to transport the injured student.

 CMU does not carry any type of insurance coverage for students in the event of accidental injury.

Adaptations and Modifications:

If you are unable to complete or are worried about registering for a course because of your abilities or disabilities or injury, we will do everything we can to accommodate your individual situation. Contact the program coordinator for more information.