Physical Therapy Course Equivalencies from Davenport University

CourseCMU PT Equivalent
BOL 221/221L- Anatomy & Physiology IAnatomy
BOL 222/222L: - Anatomy & Physiology IIPhysiology
​No Match​Physiology of Sport and Exercise
CHM 111 - Chemistry IChemistry I
BOL 114 - Biochemistry for Health ScienceChemistry II
PYC 114/PSY 140 - Introduction to PsychologyIntro to Psychology
PTA 133 - Human Growth & DevelopmentDevelopmental Psychology
Other PsychologyOther Psychology (9 credits or equivalent total needed)
PHY 114 - General Physics IPhysics I
PHY 115 - General Physics IIPhysics II
​No MatchMathematics - Trigonometry or higher level math course
MTH 144 - StatisticsStatistics


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