Physical Therapy Course Equivalencies from Macomb Community College

CourseCMU PT Equivalent
No MatchHuman Anatomy
No MatchHuman Physiology
No Match​Physiology of Sport and Exercise
CHM 117 - Principles of Chemistry IIntro to Chemistry I
CHM 118 - Principles of Chemistry IIIntro to Chemistry II
PSY 1010 - Introductory PsychologyIntro to Psychology
PSY 2450 - Lifespan DevelopmentDevelopmental Psychology
PSY 222 - Psychology of AdolescenceOther Psychology (9 credits or equivalent total needed)
PHYS 2220 - Analytical Physics I (lect and lab)
PHYS  2230 - Analytical Physics  II
Physics I & II
MTH 143 - College TrigonometryMathematics - Trigonometry or higher level math course
MTH 1340 - StatisticsStatistics


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