Physical Therapy Course Equivalencies from Olivet College

CourseCMU PT Equivalent
BIO 211 Anatomy and Physiology I (must include a lab)Anatomy
BIO 212 Anatomy and Physiology II (must include a lab)Human Physiology
PE 405 - Exercise PhysiologyPhysiology of Sport and Exercise
CEM 151 - General Chemistry IIntro to Chemistry I
CEM 152  - General Chemistry IIIntro to Chemistry II
PSY 110 - Intro to PsychologyIntro to Psychology
PSY 314 - Development Across the Lifespan Developmental Psychology
PSY 325 - Abnormal PsychologyOther Psychology (9 credits or equivalent total needed)
PHA 201 - Introductory PhysicsCollege Physics I
PHA 202 - Introductory Physics IICollege Physics II
MTH 150 - PrecalculusMathematics - Trigonometry or higher level math course
MTH 232Statistics


*View prerequisite credit hour requirements.