Mobile Health Central

Mobile Health Central is a nearly 39-foot mobile health vehicle for research, preventative health education, and recruitment. Made possible through a generous gift from The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow Foundation in 2014, the mobile health clinic promotes interdisciplinary practice and education in under-served areas of Michigan.

Mobile Health Central is customized with:

  • Soundproof booth and equipment to serve as an audiology clinic for pediatric, vestibular, and cochlear implant service.
  • Multipurpose examination room.
  • Accessible design including lift and handicapped-accessible bathroom.
  • Storage facilities for vaccinations, medication, or blood.

The mobile clinic expands the college’s vision by striving to create an inclusive, healthy society. It provides a welcoming, accessible, safe space in our communities. We pride Mobile Health Central on being a nonjudgmental environment where anyone is welcome to receive the support and services needed to improve their health.