The Institute for Health and Business Insight

​​​T​he In​stitute for Health and Business Insight (IHBI), housed at The Herbert H. and Grace A. Dow College of Health Professions at Central Michigan University, is a not-for-profit consulting group th​at specializes in the use of data and advanc​​ed analytics to solve business problems. IHBI has helped dozens of Fortune 5​00 companies solve complex, real world problems in manufacturing, retail, healthcare and more.

13th Annual Advanced Analytics
& Predictive Modeling Forum

​​​​We had another great year for our Annual Advanced Analytics and Predictive Modeling Forum with a turnout of 134 attending guests. Thank you to all of our speakers and sponsors for making this terrific event possible. We'd also like to thank all ​of our guests for providing us with valuable feedback that we can use to improve your experience at next year's forum.​



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(The article was written before our recent name change. We are referred to throughout as CMU-RC.)