Admission Requirements

​Undergraduate Degree

The DPT Program at CMU is designed for students who have already received their baccalaureate degree (B.A. or B.S.) from an accredited institution, or are in their final year of undergraduate studies.  Applicants must have earned a minimum 3.0 grade point average in prerequisite and overall undergraduate academic course work, with no grade below a 2.0 in each prerequisite course.

Prerequisite Courses and Equivalencies

At the time you apply for admission to the DPT Program, you must have completed (or be no more than two classes from completing) the following prerequisite courses.  Prerequisites must be completed within six years of when the program matriculates.

Check course equivalencies from other institutions.

Prerequisites CMU Equivalent
Anatomy w/Lab HSC 214 or BIO 337
Physiology w/Lab                            HSC 215 or BIO 392
Exercise Physiology (with or without  
HSC 308 or PES 308
Chemistry CHM 120, 127 and 342

CHM 131 and 132
Mathematics MTH 106 - Trigonometry

PHY 130, 131, 170 and 171
PHY 145, 146, 175 and 176 (lab experience required)


PSY 220- Developmental Psychology
(Also, a course in health or rehabilitative psychology
is recommended.)

Statistics BIO 500, HSC 544, PSY 211 OR STA 282
Credit Hour Requirements:
14 semester credit hours of biological sciences, must include anatomy and physiology with labs, exercise science (with or without lab) and an additional biology course
8 semester credit hours of chemistry
8-10 semester credit hours of physics
9 semester credit hours of psychology (must include developmental psychology)

Note:  If PSY 211 is taken to meet the statistics requirement, it cannot be used for the psychology credit  hour requirement also.

Career Exploration

A minimum of 50 hours of time is required to explore physical therapy as a career in at least two different professional settings.  Career exploration can include volunteer work, observation hours, or work experience with a licensed physical therapist, as well as interviews and professional journal reading.   


The CMU DPT Review Committee evaluates each applicant's credentials and selects candidates for a formal interview.  Interviews are held each January and acceptance letters are sent out in February.

Technical Standards

All candidates interviewing for admission and students admitted into the DPT Program are expected to demonstrate the attributes and meet the expectations listed in the Technical Standards.  These Technical Standards are required for admission and must be maintained throughout a student's participation in the program.  Click on Techn​i​cal Sta​ndards for more information.