CMU Health in partnership with the Michigan Health Improvement Alliance, Inc. and Centering Healthcare Institute provide group model care to improve the infant mortality rate.

How Does the Program work?

CenteringPregnancyThis proven, evidence-based program leads expectant mothers through a structured process resulting in fewer spontaneous pre-term births, improved health outcomes for babies, including improving low birth weight.

CenteringPregnancy brings 8-12 women per group, all due to deliver around the same timeframe, together for their care. Providing care in this way allows moms and providers to relax and get to know each other on a much deeper and meaningful level. Members of the group form lasting friendships and are connected in ways not possible in traditional care.

What are the benefits of CenteringPregnancy for moms, babies and providers? 

  • Better Health Outcomes - Numerous published studies show that Centering moms have healthier babies and that Centering nearly eliminates racial disparities in preterm birth.
  • Self-Care - Moms are actively engaged in their own healthcare and have greater ownership of their health information.
  • Self-Confidence - Centering moms are better prepared for labor, delivery, and to care for their infant.
  • More time with your provider - Moms in Centering spend 10x more time with their provider than women in traditional care.
  • Support & Friendship - Centering moms create lasting friendships and are wonderful resources to one another during a very exciting but also stressful time in their lives.
  • Learning & Fun - Centering is based on the proven principle that when people are actively engaged and involved in a discussion with their peers, rather than being lectured or given a pamphlet, they will have a greater understanding and are more likely to change their behavior.

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Located at: 1000 Houghton Ave, Saginaw, MI 48602
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