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The CMU College of Medicine will prepare diverse, culturally competent physicians focused on improving access to high quality health care in Michigan with an emphasis on rural and medically underserved regions. Our graduates will aspire to excellence in providing patient-centered and evidenced-based care to their patients and their communities. We will engage physicians in leading health care transformation, lifelong learning and team-based education.

We use a holistic admissions process and seek to admit students who have personal characteristics and interests that align with the CMU College of Medicine mission. The holistic review process balances the applicant's academic portfolio with other aspects of their application, such as the capacity for using critical thinking and logic, the understanding of the principles of ethics, personal values and other qualities that show an applicant's potential to become an outstanding physician.

We hope you find the information on the Central Michigan University College of Medicine admissions website helpful. If you have questions not addressed by the website or our frequently asked questions, we invite you to contact us. 

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