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Learn more and get answers to frequently asked questions about the College of Medicine's Early Decision Program.

The CMU Early Decision Program (EDP) gives you the opportunity to secure an acceptance from our medical school by August 30, while still allowing sufficient time to apply to other schools if you are not accepted.

Any Michigan resident who is currently enrolled at or has graduated from a Michigan Public/Private University.

Minimum requirements to apply - 3.5 GPA and 503 MCAT

August 1: Early decision application and any secondary materials required for the program due date. The College of Medicine encourages early applications in order for us to provide a more expedited decision to applicants.

August 15: Applicants who are not selected to interview will be informed prior to this date

August 20: Designated MMI date for early decision program

August 30: Decision deadline target for CMU. It is the intention of the admissions office to inform every applicant with a final application decision within 7 days following his or her interview. All applications will have a decision by this date.

October 1: AMCAS deadline for all early decision applicants; final decision must be provided before this date.

CMU College of Medicine agrees:

  • To notify EDP applicants of admission decisions by August 30; and
  • To defer applicants to the regular applicant pool, if appropriate.

If your application is received by the stated August 1 deadline, but one or any of your transcripts are late, you will not meet the Early Decision Program deadline. You may still apply to the regular applicant pool.

  • Apply to only the CMU College of Medicine by the stated deadline date (August 1 for AMCAS participating schools). You may not apply through the EDP if you have already submitted an initial or secondary application (AMCAS or non-AMCAS) to a U.S. medical school or an M.D. degree program for the current entering class;
  • Provide the school with all required supplemental information by the stated deadline date (August 1 for AMCAS participating schools);
  • NOT submit additional application(s) (AMCAS or non-AMCAS) until:
    • receipt of an EDP rejection; or
    • receipt of a formal release from the EDP commitment; or
    • the notification deadline passes.*
  • Attend only the CMU College of Medicine if offered a place under the EDP.
*Contact CMU if you have not been notified of your status by August 30

All EDP applicants accepted by a medical school must adhere to the tenets of the Early Decision Program, as well as meet all of the CMU College of Medicine admissions requirements. This includes, but is not limited to, applicants accepted to the current entering class, delayed matriculants from a previous entering class, and all other applicants who are required by the medical school to submit an EDP application to the current entering class. Under these circumstances, application to other schools is prohibited. Any violation of these conditions will result in an investigation.

Should you receive either a rejection or a formal release from an EDP commitment, follow these instructions to designate additional schools:

  • After entering your username and password, visit the Medical Schools section of your AMCAS application;
  • Choose the Edit option for the school you have designated as your EDP designation;
  • Change your selection of the type of program to which you are applying from Early Decision to Regular, then click Next;
  • Designate additional school(s) per instructions provided on the screen and in Help;
  • Visit the Change Notification Process section of your application, then click Submit on page one of this section;
  • Select the applicable EDP release option from the provided selections, then certify the EDP release statement and click Accept;
  • Re-certify and officially update your application by clicking on the Update Application button on the Main Menu to save your changes.
Please refer to the AAMC website's Early Decision Program section for more information.